Sunday, August 12, 2012

Computer Retail Therapy

Paris Flat by Inspired Design

I seem to be on a shopping theme here with this post and last weeks but it can’t be helped, I’ve been shopping! There is no better or easier place to do that then right in front of your computer while perusing your favorite blogs. I needed a couple of 8 X 10 pictures to fit some black frames but didn’t know what I wanted to place in them. That is until Debby over at Inspired Design opened her print shop. Debby is the photographer and her giclée prints are fabulous and printed on very heavy paper, the color and clarity is amazing! For my frames I choose two prints from her Paris Gallery set and with twelve pictures to choose from the only problem I had was which to choose.

Architecture by Inspired Design

Debby has so many wonderful themes to pick from too. See the two pictures above these are the prints I bought from Debby. Sorry Debby they’re off being matted and placed into the frames since I’m all thumbs when it comes to this sort of thing. I wanted something that makes people look and get drawn in and these do the trick, they’re really wonderful! So hurry on over to Debby’s shop   The Inspired Print Shop

Atelier de Campagne

When I first saw this picture over at Atelier de Campagne Antiques of an item coming in their spring container I was intrigued by the iron ornament standing up in the very back. It looked so French and judging by the height against the other items perfect for my needs to dress up a couple of outdoor containers. I was in luck too there were a pair! Judging by how many people have already pinned this picture on pinterest I was lucky to have purchased them.

My image

I jokingly told Trino I was going to spray paint them black to see what his reaction would be and I have to say it was priceless…sorry Trino it was only a joke I would never spray paint something with so much patina. As you can see here I simply propped my ornaments up on the containers against the house. They give the upright boxwood shrubs some height until they get bigger and then I can hang the pieces up on the house…maybe.

My image

I say maybe because as you can see the container is centered on the flat where it stands but if I hang the ornament centered it’ll look off because of the wide end board. Funny but it doesn’t look off propped up (just my crooked picture taking is off). I have plenty of time to make up my mind as to what to do because the upright boxwood are extremely slow growers so I have years to decide. In the meantime I’ll just enjoy them being in their new home, I love them!

Atelier de Campagne

Doesn't this picture simply make you want to drool? If this picture doesn't get you to run over to Atelier de Campagne then nothing will. Just a few things arriving in their fall container from Europe and I for one already have my eye on a few things for our home. To browse what's arriving soon check out their shop with pictures at Atelier de Campagne .

So are you dying yet over these last two very French images? This one was taken by Brooke over at  Velvet & Linen when she and her family went to Belgium and France last summer, this one was taken at one of the French flea markets. I knew the moment I saw a little something in this picture I wanted it and was praying Brooke would bring them home with her. Look on the shelves at those little white pots, their form looked so wonderful!

Then I scrolled down in her post and was farther tortured by this picture of those fabulous unglazed French pottery pieces. I’m really all about form first when I see a piece and don’t really care about function I just thought they were great and I wanted a few.

Lucky me the pottery Gods were listening to me because Brooke brought a bunch back and is selling them in her shop on 1st Dibs at such a reasonable price.  I don’t know what it is but lately I’ve had this thing for pottery but thankfully these are something that can be used.

My image

I couldn’t help myself I loved these little pots so much I bought five of them, aren't they fabulous? Hey for grouping things together you’re supposed to have an odd number right? I was worried three might not be enough…;) Hurry on over because I know she has a few more for sale but who knows how many and her assistant Kate is wonderful!

So that’s all of my shopping pleasure on the Internet for now but I know it won’t be the last of it. I have my eye on several things and my birthday is coming up next month!

My image

So for now I’m just going to kick back with Mister man and Dylan dog for the rest of the day and take it easy. The weather is forcing us to since it’s been so rainy the last three days and the HUMIDITY has been horrible. Mother Nature seems to have forgotten we live in the north and not the south…ugh! Dylan is not liking our weather one bit but is trying his best to stay cool.

Enjoy your week everyone and welcome to my new followers, I hope you all enjoy!


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Liz Spradling Antiques

Liz’s old booth at Memorial Antiques and Interiors (MAI)

I had a very pleasant surprise one evening when checking my email, a nice woman named Liz had emailed me to let me know a couple of my pictures on my previous post on white confit pots were from her shop. Imagine my surprise and joy to learn it was none other then Liz Spradling of Liz Spradling Antiques.

  Liz Spradling recently on One King’s Lane

I wish I had known about this sale because I would have been first in line on my computer!

via Cote de Texas Front window of Liz's new shop

Marburger Farm Antique Show at Round Top

I’ve had this picture above on my computer for a couple of years now but had no idea where it came from or where to find these stunning antiques. I love the 18th century statue and the incredible hand painted leather screen behind it.

Liz Spadling on 1st Dibs

While the guy above seems to be sold Liz has his torchbearer mate listed on 1st Dibs. It’s amazing how much detail you can see in the craving of his dalmatic vestment.

Once you’ve seen the choice of antiques that Liz displays you’ll become as hooked as I am. Liz has been one of my go to places on 1st Dibs for the last few years and recently while scrolling through her selection I came upon these champagne crates with newly tufted burlap tops. Not only would they provide great storage inside but also they’re study enough to be used for seating and they’re so reasonably priced!

Liz has these white confit pots listed on 1st Dibs for those of you looking for one. She also told me she has a new shipment in that has several confit pots and will be unpacked in September.

Liz has amazing taste and I love this 18th century console. You can find this on her website here .

image via Cote de Texas
Joni of Cote de Texas blogspot took the next several photos in Liz’s shop and I have to say I for one can’t wait to visit Houston. Look over there on the left hand side Liz has a pair of hard to find small olive jars or Jarre de Biot that you’ll find in so many of Pamela Pierce’s rooms.

image via Cote de Texas

image via Cote de Texas

I had to get in this last picture of Joni’s since it has a white confit pot pictured. I love everything Liz has in her shop and if you do too don’t hesitate to either visit her shop, website or on 1st Dibs. Trust me she is such a gracious lady and even invited me to view her new shipment but unfortunately I live a bit away.

Liz Spradling Antiques

2422 Bartlett Street, No. 7 | Houston, Texas | 713-526-1400

In between Kirby & Greenbriar, down the block from Goode Co. BBQ, right next to FOUND

Store Hours: Monday-Thursday 11am - 4pm Friday and Saturday by appointment only

I hope you all have a wonderful cool week, it has been blistering in New England.


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