Sunday, March 24, 2013

Feeling Very Blessed.....

Nope not feeling blessed for receiving another 16 inches of this stuff on the first day of spring although I should since we’re on well water and this is a plus for us going into summer. But enough is enough already…..
Nope I’m feeling very blessed for the people in my life. Imagine getting hit with snow like above and then finding this cheerful color in your mailbox. Do you have any idea how big of a smile that spread across my face seeing that gorgeous spring green laying in our box?

Then opening that envelope to see more spring? Our blog friend Patricia Van Essche at PVE Design sent me this beautiful watercolor card of a cherry blossom tree in bloom letting me know that springtime would soon be here.
Not only that but she enclosed an extra card to share so we could keep spreading the joy of spring, thank you Patricia!

Patricia is an artist extraordinaire who painted this watercolor of Dylan to surprise Mister Man for Christmas. If any of you are looking to have a watercolor done of your favorite four legged friend or a special occasion you can always order a piece of artwork from her Etsy shop here. Or go ahead and treat yourself to springtime note cards to surprise your friends with a touch of spring. Trust me the smile it puts on people’s faces is priceless.
Everyone must have been feeling spring fever because later that afternoon after I received Patricia’s card I received this beautiful bouquet of spring flowers from Mister man!

The colors are everything I imagine spring looking like…. I’m a very blessed person to have so many people giving me a touch of spring!

Dylan dog is happy today because the skies are a stunning clear blue and we have warmed temperatures coming up this week to melt all this white stuff signaling that soon he’ll be back in his beloved forest hiking.

We wish you all a wonderful springtime week this coming week and spread the joy of the coming season!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Dreaming of Color!

How is everyone doing these days? Me I’m dreaming of spring, warmth and what type of apple trees we’ll be planting once we thaw out. While we won’t be planting an orchard we will be planting a few varieties. I also can’t wait to see some kind of color besides WHITE! I’m so sick of seeing white and dark days.

Yes we can see the sun up there but it isn't sunny here but soon. Hard to see in this picture but it’s snowing…AGAIN! We’ve received over five feet of snow just in February and I have to tell you I’m done with old man winter for one year. While it’s good for our wells and I know we’re fortune to be getting moisture when so much of the country has been going through a drought I’m waving the white flag and crying uncle. Enough snow already!

Poor Dylan dog has had enough too. This poor dog is feeling so land locked not being able to run around his field and not being able to hike in his forest. We’ve tried to help the little guy get around by snow blowing paths for him but he wants green grass under his heels and to be able to roam on his own.
He just walked over here and plunked down and started licking the snow. Not sure if he’s trying to make it go away or make friends since it seems to be staying around. We are lucky in the fact it has been melting off almost as fast as it has been coming down.

The snow does make very picturesque views

And thankfully the snowmobile club drags hundreds of miles making walking easier.

Overlooking the frozen lake….

Dylan dog likes to play king of the hill on the snow banks. (Sorry for the sleeve shot in the corner of the picture)
  Pinterest apple blossoms
But I’m still dreaming of color and spring!
I hope everyone has a fabulous week and think spring please! Welcome to all my new followers and welcome aboard!
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