Sunday, August 28, 2011

Getting Pummeled!!!

Irene is here and we're getting bitch slapped like you wouldn't believe! Trees are getting bent to the ground and projectiles are flying through the air but we’re fine here in New Hampshire.

We’re receiving more rain then I have ever witness but since we live on the side of a mountain we’re staying high and dry.

You can’t see across the front yard for all of this…….

Mister man has our canoe primed and ready just in case.......

 and Dylan dog would rather be outside chasing whatever floats his way......

He’s really hoping he won’t be doing any of this unless he chooses too.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…BLOGGERS ROCK! I’ve received so many kind and concerned emails making sure we’re ok. Each and every one of you is truly a gift and I thank you. We’re staying inside and avoiding windows but we’re fine.

I hope all of you have a safe, dry and Happy Sunday!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Studio~Barn Reveal~ Part 1

Have you ever had a dream come true? You wait, you hope………

Then that one day finally arrives, a place to call your own....

Welcome to a third of my studio! Yes I say a third because there are so many pictures that I thought I had better break this reveal down into three parts. I’m starting with bays three and four since the main part of the barn is basically four rooms in one that are really only separated by crossbeams.

Bay four is what I call the viewing area so clients may see textiles unrolled on the floor. Covered in a braid hemp rug for softness under foot since I don’t allow shoes to be worn throughout my studio.

I’m still looking for a small sofa for this wall and can’t make up my mind what I want, maybe a Swedish settee or a chair and a half.

Bay three is where the staircase and French doors are located and leads into the annex.

Love this mannequin sporting a 15th century silk velvet dalmatic. It’s the first thing my clients see, along with other textiles, when entering my studio. One chandelier hangs over the top of the staircase purchased from Restoration Hardware.

This is Luna she represents harvest because she’s holding a sheaf of wheat. She greats people coming down the two steps from the annex.

The third bay also holds a bookcase case from where else Restoration Hardware. I’ll admit I became an RH junkie when they first came out with their Belgian line.

I have this thing for gargoyles they’re supposed to scare off and protect from any evil or harmful spirits but I just think they’re fun.

The inside of this bookcase is huge so I also use it for trims and odds and ends. There are trims everywhere throughout my studio in bins.  

Since this is a working studio I like all the drawers and case pieces to invite people to open and browse through to see all the different items I have for sale.

Right across from the bookcase and still in the third bay is another large chest that holds textiles. In my business it’s all about storage since you can easily have a thousand pieces or more at any given time. That fabulous candelabra was purchase from Mona over at providence ltd design. I’m still placing things since I like things to evolve over time. Plus the bays are big and hold much more then I thought they would, there’s nothing like space to work!

Do you notice how rustic the cupboard is, you can make furniture look better/higher just by the items you place with it.

So there’s the first two bays and half the main carriage barn it still needs tweaking but it’ll get there over time. I have everything in the barn so I can work and it’s presentable to clients and that’s really the main object. I have to tell you there is nothing like having your own space to not only work but I also don’t have to worry about decorating around mister man it’s all mine! Up next the last two bays and an over view of the entire my entire studio.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Elements for a Client worthy home office

Source unknown

Working from home for over a decade has given me some insight as to what is needed when creating my new barn studio/home office. The number one priority to me would be:

1)   Allow for privacy and separation

Being able to have clients in but not in my personal home. This also allows me to have a separation between work and family and not feeling like I always have to be working because it’s right under my nose. Now I can walk away from work and close the door.  

Source unknown

When designing my space I knew I would have a lot of fabrics/textiles and pillows about because I’m an antique textile dealer, which led me to number two:

2)   Create a space to reflect what your business is all about.

Bunny Williams interior design studio

Because I’m in a more creative work field and one where I sew and need to spread textiles out for a client to fully see I needed a work table and shelves to keep things neat leading me to:

3)  Provide a work area away from your desk where you can spread out if need be.
4)  Provide enough storage to organize things.

Roman and Williams interior designers

Because I have clients in my studio I can’t expect them to stand so make sure:

5)   To provide comfortable seating

Clients don’t need to move in but when taking an hour long meeting they aren’t going to want to stand either.

source Pinterest

(OK I really only include this home office because I thought it was WAY COOL!)

Suzanne Kasler's design studio

Remember no matter how big or small your home office is make it inviting for YOU. After all it’s a place of work where you’ll be spending 40+ hours a week and who doesn’t want to go to work to a place that makes them smile?

Up next the reveal of my barn studio, let’s see if I hit all my points.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Country Chic

Waterhouse Restaurant

I’m very happy to announce we have a new restaurant in our town. Why is this news you might ask…because we now have TWO restaurants to choose from so we’re excited! This is a happening here!

When you approach the restaurant you can see an outdoor seating area by the river, hence the name Waterhouse.

While this isn’t the best picture, flash and my mind was on my cocktail that I just knew mister man was swilling, the dining room is a wonderful gray and imagine people in here. A wonderful craftsman/carpenter right here in town handcrafted all the tables and chairs. (His wife gives me my monthly facial, wonderful couple.)

I know this image might not be something you’re thrilled about but coming from an espresso junkie, that would be me, I’m tinkled pink! Keep in mind we don't have a Starbucks here, no fast food restaurants for that matter, it's the country!

The bar is a blend of subtle sophistication with its blend of woods and blue glass tiles…..who besides me loves glass tiles?  I know it's very trendy right now but I love it.

Uncluttered décor with gray painted walls, gray suede bench seating, gray tile flooring and they kept the lighting to a minimum.

On the other side of the bar is a wine room where the red wine is kept to a perfect 63 degrees, room temperature is really too warm…ya gotta love that!

For dinner mister man ordered the venison with gooseberries

I ordered the wild boar Bolognese, think fresh made pasta, with homemade ricotta, pure heaven! The dishes come in small and large size so you may have a meal or a small plate so you can try more dishes…..scallops with squid ink pasta anyone? Trust me I’ve had it two weeks in a row, can you say amazing?  

I have to tell you I’m one happy camper having this restaurant open only a few miles from our front door everything else is twenty or more miles to travel too. I hope you’ve enjoyed sharing our new bistro. Now one of us is dry and needs a touch more liquid nourishment….Cheers!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summers Bounty and a Thank you!

It’s that time of the year again where the sun is busy ripening the bounty Mother Nature grows. I wish I could take credit but all I did was dig a hole and drop a shrub in Mother Nature has done all the real work.

Dylan dog and I have been busy picking berries like crazy in order to beat all the wild life that seems to enjoy our blueberries too. Dylan has this tendency to eat all the berries he picks which is fine by me!

Pretty much two large quarts for a single picking and the berries are the nice large one! I highly recommend to anyone to put in a blueberry hedge because they’re so easy to grow, like acidic soil and they look great spring through fall.

Some berries get made into blueberry cobbler muffins.....

Food must be shown big to torture you best ;)

....that are just oozing with blueberries. Some we eat simply with cream on top and Dylan likes some mixed into his food, they’re healthy for him too.

We also picked some tomatoes, basil and shallots. Shallots are the best fresh from the earth instead of those dried up tasteless things you find in the grocery store.

I used the tomatoes, basil and some fresh made mozzarella to make a caprese salad for dinner. Simply drizzle some balsamic glaze on a plate, layer in the cheese and veggies, drizzle on a little extra virgin olive oil and add fresh ground pepper and sea salt and trust me your taste buds will thank you!

Last but never least, Dylan dog and I would like to thank Loretta over at Apples and Rubies for picking us as one of the winners in her giveaway. Dylan received an Acquabol Pet WaterBowl invented by her brother in-law Ryan. It’s come in handy when we’re in the woods and there’s no water around, now I can carry water for Dylan. THANK YOU LORETTA!

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