Thursday, November 18, 2010

Amazing Achievements

I’m showing you bits and pieces of homes because my best friend Deb’s company Village Interiors Inc. made some or most of the furnishings. I am so incredibly honored to be able to call her my friend but also I’m so incredibly proud of her and her achievements. She has worked so hard through the years in the background of others that I thought I would give her a little of her due credit here.

The "Pierre" French for rock, designed by Tom Kundig of Olson Kundig Architects

This home in Washington state is amazing, it was built within an outcropping of rocks up on a peak to capture the views, hence the name "Pierre".

While the custom furniture was designed by Olson Kundig Architects’ interiors studio, it was Village Interiors that had to make those dreams a reality.

Hong Kong Villa designed by Jim Olson of Olson Kundig Architects

This house was also designed by the same architectural firm of Olson Kundig Architects by Jim Olson who also designed the interiors, two very talented men in that architectural firm. This home is located in Hong Kong overlooking the South China Sea.

Village made all the furniture in this residence too! Isn't that view something out that wall?

Auckland, New Zealand Architecture by Pip Cheshire, Interiors by Terry Hunziker

"Visually the house is intended to be seen as a piece of constructed jewelry amid a natural landscape,” architect Pip Cheshire says of the seaside Auckland residence he built for Sue and Peter Cooper. He collaborated closely on the project with interior designer Terry Hunziker."

While modern house design is not typically my thing I just love this house and all the elements, that fireplace surround is zinc clad! Yep, more sofas and chairs by Village, they ship far and wide!

Furniture by Village Interiors for projects of designer Holly McKinley

Deb does so much more then make furniture she also owns Storage By Design better known as SBD, a high end white lab coat, white glove storage facility for antiques, furniture and specialty furniture installations.

She also owns a pillow business called Olde World Pillows and is in the process of opening a well-anticipated shop next month. (Nope, no competition between us and our businesses since we don't really sell the same pillows, besides we're best friends!) 

It always amazes me what goes on behind the scenes, like the people who have to take a drawing and create what they see and not get any credit for their efforts such as Village. If you’re a designer and live in the Pacific Northwest then Village and SBD is for you but Olde World Pillows will be open to everyone and wait until you see her shop, think jewel box! Be sure to check out some of the homes listed here they’re freaking amazing!

Located in Seattle Washington, conveniently just two blocks from the Seattle Design Center. 
Village Interiors Inc.
217 S. Findlay
Seattle, Washington 98108
(206) 768-9601


Greet Lefèvre said...

What a very talented friend you have! I am going to look a second time to the most beautiful pictures here!

Hill Country House Girl said...

Stunning architecture and incredible furnishings. I can see why you are proud of your friend. Thanks for sharing!!

sharon santoni at my french country home said...

How exciting Debra to have such a talented friend, and one involved in these amazing projects. I swear that if I lived in a house with views like those I'd never get anything done, just sit all day and watch the changing light.

Mona Thompson said...

You do have a very talented friend. I have visited her site before. I'm sure the two of you enjoy each other very much. It's good to get back out. I've been missing everyone. Mona

Linda in AZ * said...

* "DITTO" to all the above comments, Debra! MMOST of those views lead me to believe, however, that I/we could live IN A CARBOARD BOX and be happy, just to be able to see those views all day! Stunning!

Your friend/her company, etc appears to provide TOP NOTCH pieces, too~~~ Such a joy & treat to see! MANY THANKS!

Linda in AZ *

Anonymous said...

Wow, these are so different and... well, STUNNING!!


Olde World Pillows said...

Thank you so much Debra. What a nice surprise. You are correct, we are rarely mentioned as the workroom behind the scenes. We enjoy turning a drawing into the designers dream. Olde World Pillows shop will be my dream come true. Thank you again for all your support my dearest friend.

ursula said...

That "Pierre" home is amazing! The furniture and pillows are beautiful as well.

Stacey said...

Deb is incredibly talented! How lovely it must be to have a friend who is so creative. The architecture and decor of this home is stunning!

for the love of a house said...

Amazing architecture and beautiful interiors! What a talented bestie you have!

Bettina said...

Agreed, modern houses are not really my thing either but this one had the warmth in it, that I often miss in designer-built-homes. Very pretty.

Thanks for commenting in my blog! :)

Happy day to you!


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