Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Studio~Barn Reveal~ Part 1

Have you ever had a dream come true? You wait, you hope………

Then that one day finally arrives, a place to call your own....

Welcome to a third of my studio! Yes I say a third because there are so many pictures that I thought I had better break this reveal down into three parts. I’m starting with bays three and four since the main part of the barn is basically four rooms in one that are really only separated by crossbeams.

Bay four is what I call the viewing area so clients may see textiles unrolled on the floor. Covered in a braid hemp rug for softness under foot since I don’t allow shoes to be worn throughout my studio.

I’m still looking for a small sofa for this wall and can’t make up my mind what I want, maybe a Swedish settee or a chair and a half.

Bay three is where the staircase and French doors are located and leads into the annex.

Love this mannequin sporting a 15th century silk velvet dalmatic. It’s the first thing my clients see, along with other textiles, when entering my studio. One chandelier hangs over the top of the staircase purchased from Restoration Hardware.

This is Luna she represents harvest because she’s holding a sheaf of wheat. She greats people coming down the two steps from the annex.

The third bay also holds a bookcase case from where else Restoration Hardware. I’ll admit I became an RH junkie when they first came out with their Belgian line.

I have this thing for gargoyles they’re supposed to scare off and protect from any evil or harmful spirits but I just think they’re fun.

The inside of this bookcase is huge so I also use it for trims and odds and ends. There are trims everywhere throughout my studio in bins.  

Since this is a working studio I like all the drawers and case pieces to invite people to open and browse through to see all the different items I have for sale.

Right across from the bookcase and still in the third bay is another large chest that holds textiles. In my business it’s all about storage since you can easily have a thousand pieces or more at any given time. That fabulous candelabra was purchase from Mona over at providence ltd design. I’m still placing things since I like things to evolve over time. Plus the bays are big and hold much more then I thought they would, there’s nothing like space to work!

Do you notice how rustic the cupboard is, you can make furniture look better/higher just by the items you place with it.

So there’s the first two bays and half the main carriage barn it still needs tweaking but it’ll get there over time. I have everything in the barn so I can work and it’s presentable to clients and that’s really the main object. I have to tell you there is nothing like having your own space to not only work but I also don’t have to worry about decorating around mister man it’s all mine! Up next the last two bays and an over view of the entire my entire studio.



Divine Theatre said...

I am speechless! The space is stunning!
I would envy you if I didn't like you so much!


The enchanted home said...

Absolutely incredible, what a dream studio! I wouldn't want to live. Congrats on your hard work becoming such a beautiful reality!

for the love of a house said...

what a wonderful space to work! love all the fabrics draped over the stair railing and the baskets of trim make me swoon!!


A Perfect Gray said...

debra! stunning. what a wonderful space. the combination of the old wood and those beautiful textiles is just fabulous. I love the wire baskets and you know I seriously covet your mannequin!

I know you are so happy. it's really a dream, isn't it? donna

under spanish moss said...

You must be so proud to see all of your and mister man's hard work come to life. Job well done! We love how it came together.
Angela and Renee

Lorrie said...

What a gorgeous space you've created for your studio. You'll love working there.

Richard Cottrell said...

It is more than a dream, it is almost unreal. looks like Europe. Thanks for sharing. looking forward to seeing the rest. Richard from My Old Historic House.

Room Seventeen said...

Beautiful textiles and studio!

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. said...

Oh my... I was so excited when I saw the title of this post, and it certainly did not disappoint. My heart just beats fast at the site of all of these fabulous textiles and trims. I hope your readers realize the value and just how incredible each and every one is. These are not trends. These are the real thing. You have done a fabulous job and surrounded yourself with beautiful things that you love. I think work will be sheer joy for you in this space. You and Mr. Man deserve a big old glass of wine. Can't wait to see the rest.

Blooming Rose Musings said...

Wow! What a dream come true!!! To say it's spectacular is an understatement. Absolutely magnificent. You are going to enjoy every moment spent in your beautiful space. And, my goodness, those textiles and trims are breathtaking. Congratulations and enjoy! Absolutely wonderful!

Sharon Lee Johnson said...

What an absolutely beautiful space. You must be so thrilled to work in such lovely surroundings. Great job! x Sharon

Heather Robinson said...

Oh hooray! And congratulations! I am so glad that I started following your blog in time to fully appreciate the magic of this creation/transformation. Amazing and bravo to Mr. Man as well for his part of it.

The fabrics and piecework are so stunning. What an amazing world you have chosen to work in. I am so thrilled for you Debra that you have this all for yourself!


Atelier de Campagne said...

I want a space like yours! My poor little cottage is cluttered with projects and all sorts of odds and ends. How nice for you to now have this wonderful space! A Room of Your Own!



Maison de lin said...


This looks perfect for me, a lot of verry goods idea's! I can't whait to see part 2 and 3.


michele said...


it is so old world european i almost don't believe you're not in france. and elegant times five.

keep sharing more lovely!


lvroftiques said...

Oh Debra what a fabulous space!...And what amazing textiles! I could live in your studio...I'm pretty sure you hear that a lot *winks* How do you get your clients to leave?...No seriously?...How?
I can't wait to see more! Vanna

Bohemian said...

OH what a FANTASTIC Studio Space... and the Textiles and Trims, be still my beating Heart! As a Fabric Artist I adore Vintage and Antique Fabrics... I know I probably have hoarded too many to use in one Lifetime *winks* but it is one of the things I can NEVER pass up! Your Collections are magnificent and I'm so happy for you realizing your Dream Space... I can hardly wait to see the rest now!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

designchic said...

Oh my gosh...a dream come true indeed!! I love every detail and it was such a treat to get to watch the whole transformation...fabulous!! So, so happy for you ~

sharon santoni at my french country home said...

Wow Debra, your clients must love to come here, I could spend hours in this room gazing at your treasures, trying out trim to fabric. What a wonderful working space you have!

Karena said...

Debra, this is so exciting, to see parts of your space and look forward to the rest.

I am gazing at my very special pillow from you and so very appreciative.

You know your business of antique textiles very well indeed!


Art by Karena

Yvette said...

Just gorgeous. I am envious. But in a good way. :)

quintessence said...

Sabra - it looks simply wonderful!! What a dream space. As I mentioned I have no power and am hopping around to briefly say hello but when I saw the title of this post I had to scroll down to see this one too. Just adore the mannequin and the gargoyles!! Congratulations - you must be so excited!z,

Ispirato Design said...

Wow, can I visit. Your space is incredible. The textiles are beautiful beyond words and all of the lighting and little details are perfect. You did such a great job -you must not want to leave it!

Loretta Fontaine (EcoHappy Blog) said...

Debra- The place really comes alive with the textiles. I can see now why you need so much space to show them properly.

The lighting and RH pieces fit in so nicely. Really beautiful!


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