Monday, November 14, 2011

Like a moth to a flame.....

Veranda, 2004

There’s nothing more mysterious then the light from the glow of a candle enhanced only by that which holds it and nothing sets off a candle more then an antique gilded candlestick.

Whether it’s a single candlestick….

Chateau de Moissac

Or several dozen can we ever really have enough candlesticks?

Mona over at providence ltd design likes to design with them but used a unique sconce made from an antique candlestick.

Source unknown

I love groups of candles in front of a mirror since the mirror enhances the amount of light put off into a room.

source unknown

Or how about some ambiance in the kitchen?

Joan over at for the love of a house has her candlesticks set off by an antique painting.

While Andie at Divine Theatre gives her fireplace some added flare with two tall candlesticks.
I'm in love with the whole setting of this fireplace!

Southern Accents, 2004

Candlesticks can come in any shape or size as seen here, there’s a very tall gold gilt by the doors and a very unique candle sconce being held by an arm.

Southern Accents, 2004

Candlesticks can even frame out accessories drawing the eye in.

Traditional Home, 2009

Or be enhanced by the accessories around them.

French Country Magazine, 2011

my candlesticks and sconces

A few of my own antique candlesticks and sconces in my studio, two large silver leaf, a pair of refurbished sconces (I know burn the wicks) and several pairs of 18th century blue church candlesticks.

I plan on bring my candlesticks out for the holidays, how about you?


Richard Cottrell said...

I agree when in doubt about accessories, use candles and wonderful candle sticks. was so surprised and happy to see Ms. Divine Theater in this blog, good for you and her. She deserves it. Richard from My Old Historic House.

Fashion-isha said...

This is a truly gorgeous post! I love anything gilded and I love candles and candlesticks! FABulous!

Veronica said...

Wow there are some serious beauties here. Loves the grouping of unknown scource...and would love to replicate it. Your collection is also de lovely!

Tassels Twigs and Tastebuds

NikAntik said...

Debra, wonderful candlesticks you've got there. And I know how hard to take a picture of burning candles since I tried to do it last weekend. It is not so easy as it seems. Sensational pictures as always. Woof to Dylan-boy and hugs to you, Nik

lvroftiques said...

Love em too Debra! And that arm candle sconce is a dream piece for me. I've wanted one for years. Your candlesticks are wonderful! Vanna

The enchanted home said...

Wow Debra, what a beautiful post.....this has me craving a beautiful collection of candles, such a stunning and inspiring post. Love that Southern Accents picture, added it to my files. LOVE yours! Have a great night....

Taylor Greenwalt said...

Love these candle sticks. I have been looking for some for my house. You have some beautiful pictures here. Mona's dinning room that she designed is gorgeous!

michele said...

omg we can never have enough candlelight. that kitchen is insane. i am loving the overscaled candlesticks and wish i could snap my fingers and watch some appear. (do you suppose i have finally lost touch with reality? i'm thinking yes when i'm in my blog reading trance.)

gorgeous gorgeous post, debra!


debra @ 5th and state said...

do you ever fantasize about living in th world pre-electricity? i do. just love the glorious magic of candlelight. you captured it well

Sharon Lee Johnson said...

What a beautiful post! I am now so inspired I'm off to delve into the dark recesses of all my cupboards and bring out every single candleholder to try and recreate some of these gorgeous scenes! x Sharon

Barbara@HausDesign said...

I somehow missed this post and the last one - sorry about that but I am the one who really lost out. Both posts are absolutely stunning! I have been admiring gilded candlesticks like these at the markets lately but they have been over $300 a piece - too high for me! Absolutely beautiful examples and lucky you to have some of your own!

Room Seventeen said...

Wow Debra, this is really beautiful! Especially picture 1 and 5!! Do you mind if I use these two images in a blogpost to share it with my Dutch readers?

sharon santoni at my french country home said...

I love the first and last pictures Debra, and yes, candlelight is definitely an essential in this home. Funny that you show a shot from the chateau de moissac, I've been there and I'm talking about it today.
Hope all is well

Victoria said...

Debra, This images make me want a collection of antique candlesticks. i have two (I think I need at least three to call it a collection) in bronze, but I love the silver and gold gilded ones. Your own are especially beautiful.

Greet Lefèvre said...

What a great post!!

Cindy Albert said...

Debra, I absolutely love candlelight. For Thanksgiving I usually go to be with my family near Santa Barbara. I'm always a little frustrated that we eat our meal so early in the day that we can't take advantage of candles.

Your pictures are beautiful!

All the best, Cindy

Divine Theatre said...

Odd to see my post among the others. It's like Dr. Seuss in Rembrandt's world! LOL!
That was very kind of you!
Where did you find your lovely candlesticks? They are beautiful!

Kisses to Dylan and Kitty...


flowers on my table said...

I love candlesticks, and seem to have a penchant for odd ones rather than pairs. I do love your blue church ones, they are gorgeous! Lovely selection of images. Thanks for sharing, Linda x

Trouvais said...

I am so declasse...I adore the battery operated votives and candles. Specially the ones that turn on automatically. Love them in old lanterns. Love the old church candlesticks..especially the white and gold. Beautiful...merci Debra! XO Trish

Bohemian said...

I Love Candlesticks, Sconces and Candelabras as well... and the glow of Candlelight is always so Romantic and enhances any Room's ambiance. Fabulous Images shared today.

Dawn... The Bohemian

Ivy and Elephants said...

Now you made me crave something else! Oh what gorgeous candlesticks and fabulously displayed. I love it all. Thanks for sharing them.

LaPouyette said...

Yes, there is something magic and special with candle light, especially with old candle sticks which give a kind of authentic feel to every room.

Beautiful images!

And again - you really have a wonderful collection!


Anonymous said...

This is a very durable material that looks like new even after years of service in your kitchen countertops. It is not porous and does not get affected by stains and other stuff.

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous post. Your personal collection is breathtaking. I'm trying not to covet. XO, Mona

A room with a view said...

These are amazing pics and truly captures a mood in each picture..the one of the chateau staircase, for example, is hauntingly romantic.

for the love of a house said...

no, you can never have too many!! and you have a fabulous collection Debrah! I covet that sconce;)


Ispirato Design said...

As usual, just stunning images. Reading your posts always has such a calming affect on me :) Well done!

quintessence said...

All beautiful but I especially love the giant ones - such impact!!

Room Seventeen said...

Hi Debra, I think I will use the picture(s) in a decemberpost.
Candles and Christmas are a good looking combination :-)

( You can find my e mail adres in the side bar )

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

I agree, a flickering candle is the perfect way to make a room come alive :)

Acanthus and Acorn said...

Because I could not find just the right chandelier for nearly 6 years we have only uses candles and sconces in our dining room. These images are so beautiful, I hope I don't regret taking the plunge of finally choosing one!
I think I would have been perfectly happy during medevil times...just as long as I lived in a castle!

Heather Robinson said...

I light candles every single night here, Debra. It just makes me happy! Lovely post. Makes me want to find even more piques-cierges (as the big church candlesticks are called here).

Wishing you and Mr. Man and Dylan dog a wonderful weekend.


Luciane at said...

Good morning, my sweet friend.

How are you doing today?
I adore your posts. You know that, right? They're always so beautiful and so well done. Great job!

Have a blessed weekend,


Luciane at

Unknown said...

I literally light a candle in my kitchen every morning...and more at night around the house. Love the smell, the subtle ambiance. Never enough!!

Happy Friday!
xo Elizabeth

Revi said...

Candlesticks are a weakness - hard to pass up interesting ones. I'm a new follower!

Natalie Suarez said...

this is absolutely amazing!! xx

c said...

really beautiful and inspiring pictures!!


Hill Country House Girl said...

Gorgeous. You have inspired me to bring out more of my old Mexican tin candle stick collection. I had put some away to create a more minimal look in my house, but I can't stand it much longer!! Happy holidays!

Karena said...

Debra thank you so much for your get well wishes!

These candlesticks are all just amazing. I love to have candles burning and setting the mood for festivity or just enjoyment!

Love and Hugs,

Art by Karena

Luciane at said...

Hello sweetie,

Just want to thank you so much for your words today. You're always waring my heart w/ support. It means so much to me!

Thank you!!! :-)

Have a great day!


Luciane at

designchic said...

Nothing more elegant than candlelight and your candlesticks are gorgeous!!

debra @ 5th and state said...

you find the BEST images!
happy thanksgiving girlfriend

Blooming Rose Musings said...

Exquisite post,Debra. Oh how I adore your own personal collection.
Absolutely stunning. And yes, I adore candles and light them all year long but at this time of year I bring them out en masse. Candle glow creates an ambiance that nothing else can quite accomplish. Gorgeous post!

Simple Everyday Glamour said...

Lovely post, wishing you a lovely Thanksgiving!


Maison de lin said...


I use it all year long candlesticks. It's such a beautiful light and gave me the impression that I live in another time.

Have a wonderful evening.

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Many Blessings to you and your love ones this Thanksgiving..Hugs and smiles Gloria

Ivy Clad said...

Beautiful images! I have bookmarked this post. I really like the way candles remove the need for very many other accessories.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


cotedetexas said...

gorgeous - i love your candelsticks - eps the white painted ones!


Boho Farm and Home said...

Oh my...I love that sconce from your own collection at the end...what a treat!!

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