Monday, January 30, 2012

The Past comes Home....

I received a somewhat startling box in the mail recently, I say startling because it was a blast from the past. Even though I’m barely 51 years young my family is gone having followed each other in just under three years time. So it was with shock, melancholy, a few tears and laughter I dug through my box.

My parents divorced when I was ten so I didn’t realize there were still any pictures of them together. Yep, this is my Mom and Dad looking happy and way, way to young to have just been married in 1955. I say way to young because my Mom was 17 and my Dad was 20, they looked so happy and the sterling frame is in fabulous condition.

The guy on the left is my Dad's Dad, my Grandpa Lester my Grandma, his wife, had passed three years prior. The very young and hip looking woman on the right is my Mom’s Mom, my Grandma Dorothy. We won’t go into her marital status but lets just say she enjoy men and married over and over and over again.  (Why is it I don’t remember my Dad having dumbo ears….wholly cow someone should have stapled those things down!)

There’s Dear ole Dad and judging by his ears they must have stapled those bad boys back at some point. (Or else his neck falling down yanked them back.) How do you like those pants and white shoes? This picture must be from the 70’s and boy did my Dad sport that flat top a long time. I don’t think I ever recall him having a different hairstyle.

A year after my parents married along came my brother Jeff and looking at his picture from when he was 10 the ear thing ran with the males in our family. (Thankfully my ears layback very nicely thank you.) My brother was only three years older than me but at 48 an embolism took him suddenly. You just never know when your number is up so enjoy each day.

There was a small packet that turned out to be a bunch of letters written in the sixties from my Grandpa Lester to his new wife. Cute he called Geneva his little half and that’s why I could only bring myself to read one letter. There was this feeling of being voyeuristic and I couldn’t bring myself to go there.

Oddly enough with fifty or so letters only a few had been open. They wrote each other back and forth but odd they never opened the letters.

I never met my Dad’s Grandparents, my great grandparents but now I have a piece of them, their silverware. It’s mostly all there and silver plate but it’s still pretty. I hope once I go through rest of the pictures I find a picture of my great-grandparents, wouldn’t that be a hoot. Nothing like having four generations come knocking at your door huh? Have you had any surprises lately from your past?

I hope you all enjoy your week!


Stacy CUrran said...

What a beautiful but sad post. I'm sorry about the divorce - they looked so happy in the wedding photo. I'm glad you got these photos to treasure!

lvroftiques said...

That's a bittersweet package for sure. Your parents really were so young and adorable in their wedding picture. And I'm so sorry you lost your brother at such a young age. Do you have other brothers and sisters Debra?

I am fortunate to have letters written between my great grandfather and grandmother, and I know exactly what you mean about feeling "voyeuristic" They're just a little too intimate for comfort.

It is kind of strange that your grandfather and his sweetheart never opened those letters? Hmmmm I wonder why? Vanna

A Perfect Gray said...

beautiful letters and photos and silver, debra. I am sure it was hard to see some of those things. who sent you the box? isn't it amazing what something like that can do to you emotionally....donna

Divine Theatre said...

You have been through so much. I am so sorry to hear about your brother. I am still crying after reading that. I think your dad finally grew into his ears. After all, he was young in that first photo!
I laughed when you mentioned the frame...that is so you!
I met my natural parents some years back. They abandoned us when I was 7. It makes me too sad to talk about it, still. They are both gone now.
You're right...hold on with both hands and LIVE!


An Urban Cottage said...

I'm so sorry about your brother! I think we expect our parents will pass away during our lifetimes but having a sibling pass away as such a young age must be difficult.

It's fun to see the old fashions. Love dad's plaid pants!

I ended up with those same Dumbo ears but I'm thankful that my parents sent me under the knife to have those corrected when I was five.

The enchanted home said...

No surprises like this one! Wow..thats quite a surprise, and I can imagine the rush and mix of emotions you no doubt felt upon opening the box. Amazing to me through all of our technological advances and with how far we have come to stir the human emotion, that few things can rivet us in our seats the way a picture can. (both good and bad). They truly are worth a thousand words. So very sorry about your brother, that must have been so tragic for entire family Debra.
Thank you for sharing this very personal story with us...its always so interesting to discover something new about our family or geneology. Have a good night!

Karena said...

It is so interesting that this happened and unlocked a part of your past. I am glad you can see there were good times amidst the tragic ones.

Art by Karena

Journeyin' Lady... said...

What an interesting family history blog today. I'm not sure I could resist the temptation of reading the letters!

Ispirato Design said...

How very touching. We're about the same age so it's funny to see your parents photos/styles- it's amazing how much "kids" of that generation looked alike. I have some very similar photos of my parents- keepsakes for sure! said...

Wow! I just discovered your blog, what a wonderful find! Beautiful and inspiring!

eclectic revisited said...

oh my..I can only imagine what a surprise it mush have been to go through this box of things and discover so much of the things that are a part of you but that you never really knew of...thanks for sharing with us was touching to say the least..

michele said...

thinking of you at this very moment and wishing you comfort and peace as you re-visit the past and make room for it in your present. and as for your future: baby, i'm thinkin it looks bright.

the cutlery looks like the one i collect called cotillion. is that the pattern?



Taylor Greenwalt said...

Debra, Wow! you are so right, you never know when your time is up. Your brother was so young. What a package.It gets you thinking huh! I think I will go hug everyone in my family and let them know how much I love them...Hang in there! If you were here I would give you a hug too.

La Dolfina said...

Gosh Debra, that really is a surprise package.
I am so curious about who sent it to you.
I am so glad you have your sweet husband and loyal dog to love and appreciate you.
Sorry your adorable brother left you so soon, but he's surely your angl in heaven now.
Love the frame nd silver!

Sharon Lee Johnson said...

What a box full of memories - I guess both good and bad, but that is what nakes us who we are. A very touching post. x Sharon

Anonymous said...

Oh, how cool. It's so great that you now have a piece of your past to hold onto. Love old photographs. xo

Victoria said...

What a lovely and touching post, Debra. You are so right, we should all remember to seize the day. Recently, I had some 1950s and 1960s 8mm film converted to DVD. The films included my Sweet Sixteen party, my grandparents' 50th anniversary and my oldest son as an infant, among other events. It was so wonderful to "see" my parents and grandparents again and to share these events with my children. It made for a great Christmas surprise for them.

All the best,

Nella Miller said...

Debra, it was such a personal visit this morning into your life and past. It must have bee n very difficult and at the same time healing for you. I felt the same way this past fall visiting the home where I was born in Italy. Our roots and family are so vital to our purpose and simple existence every day.How fortunate that you have these special reminders in your care now. N.xo

debra @ 5th and state said...

what a bittersweet story and dear of you to share with us deb.
what a momentary shock the package brought to your door and a flood of memories, good and bad. yes, every day is a gift.
and you my friend are a gift to the blog world

pve design said...

Such stories all from a package.
I would love for you to write a book as I want to hear more and am so full of intrigue over this.
What gorgeous momentos to treasure. Love, no matter the time or the storm it weathers, it truly lives in you.

Thoughts on design said...

My mom is in the process of getting ready to down size. Every time I go visit her in upstate New York and go through "stuff"with her there are surprises. It's at times bittersweet, as you well imagine. ON the other hand, I wouldn't trade it for the world,a sI sit and listen to her remember...


A room with a view said...

This is sentiment in a box - such a treat, must have brought a tear to the eye. I would love to receive something in the mail like this. Such beautiful pics and real treasures to be passed down. Thanks for sharing!

Boho Farm and Home said...

What a lovely post Debra! Life is bittersweet...I think it is the bitter that helps us love and appreciate the sweet when it comes.
Love that you have your grandmother's silver set. What a sentimential treasure to be shared and enjoyed. Love you! Caroline

Karen T. said...

So sorry about your brother. I just lost my sister last fall. How cool to receive so many various memories spanning more than one generation n one package.

Blooming Rose Musings said...

What a lovely post, Debra. I can only imagine your emotions as you opened and went through the box. You shared such a personal sad story but injected your wonderful humor into the telling of it...your descriptions are priceless and had me laughing about the ears and pants, etc. in between the tears of the loss of your parents and brother. You crafted this post beautifully with humor and sadness. Exquisite post.

La Brocanteuse said...

Thank you for sharing your memories, good and sad here with us. It made me pause and good to yourself..much love Colette x

Heather Robinson said...

I am just seeing this now. Sending a hug your way, Debra. I am so sorry to hear of all of the loss you have experienced.

Unknown said...

This is a post that really touches me. I am the "saver of special letters and things" from my family and have framed a number of special things.

My parents were married 44 years, but divorced about 4 years ago (how sad is that?!) and I've often wondered about their wedding pictures. Both are still living.

When my parents split...a bunch of things came my way, but not so much in one delivery. I'm sure this was an amazing experience. I love old photographs and especially ones of my family.

xoxo Elizabeth

Decor de Provence said...

Debra! What a sweet post - your parents are beautiful!
Isn't it amazing how time flies? I'm happy you reminded us to appreciate the everyday!
I have to say - I love those pants/shoes!
I hope all is well with you and your beautiful family!

much love,

Stacey said...

Your parents made a very good looking couple and even though this post is a bit sad, you must have been overjoyed to have those pictures. Thanks for sharing with us and i do like your Dad's ears too. I think our unique features sets us a part from the crowd which is always a great thing. Have a wonderful weekend Debra. XX

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. said...

Wow, I agree that there had to be bitter sweet memories as you went through the box and read the letters. Who sent the box? A treasure for sure. XO, Mona

Unknown said...

love post!!!amazing blog!!!i'm following you!!!

LaPouyette said...

Beautiful and very touching!

Sunday Taylor said...

I just discovered your blog and what a wonderful post. I was moved by the story you told of this discovery and the box of memories. Thank you for such an honest and heartfelt post!

quintessence said...

I'm so sorry to hear that your family is gone but how lovely that you have these memories. Love the photo of your parents - what a good looking couple!!


I love this post....your Dad's ears.....unopened letters.....All of my family is gone also except for brothers and aunts or uncles or parents is sad. I can't believe that your brother died so young. My husband is 63 and that was the same age as when my Dad passed.

Acanthus and Acorn said...

A beautiful and special package, it took courage to share that with us. So very sad to hear of your brother passing at such a young age.

This past weekend a dear friend was in town, who's husband died at 48 of melanoma in 2001. She is doing well and it was great to see her, but everytime I do, it's a reminder to appreciate what family I have left, as was this post too.

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