Sunday, February 12, 2012

Come on Spring I have work to do!

A few weeks ago I showed you a post where Dylan dog and I found an old stone to use in the patio for my secret garden here. Well today was moving day for that old stone and I couldn’t be more excited!!! While the day looked gorgeous it was absolutely freezing out with blowing winds. The cold makes the ground harder and since this 300-400 pound stone had to be wheeled a ways hard ground is better then mud.   

Dylan and I found the stone in our old barn area out near the middle. We call this area the old barn area because a barn used to sit on top of the stonewalls. The barn unfortunately was struck by lightening and burned to the ground in 1900. Mister man has brush piles in there now waiting to be burned and then we’re going to have the area graded for more lawn and trees. Mister man had to really work to get that stone lifted up out of the frozen ground and into a wheelbarrow…I was along for moral support…;)

Once mister man wrestled that stone into the wheelbarrow then came the hard work of wheeling that beast uphill. It had to go out the far side of the barn because of the opening in the stonewall. You can see the opening on the far left side of the picture. It had to go all the way around the barn area and when something weighs 300-400 pounds it gets heavy.

At least mister man had a scenic route and he had me along to cheer him on. I was like a dog with a bone so excited about moving that stone up leading and cheering my man on! Hey its not like I was able to move the wheelbarrow.

Almost there and see it is a pretty trip. This is about where I stopped cheering since I was getting dirty looks and someone was starting to struggle a bit.

This view is behind the carriage barn where my secret garden is going. Out yonder is the old barn area hopefully you get the idea of how far that stone had to come.

The stone has two straight sides and will make a perfect corner. It’s much wider then we thought but that’s ok mister man is very good about making things work. I’m so excited it’s almost in its new home!

The other piece of exciting news is gates! You see the closest tree there on your right and then you travel straight across the there’s a short stonewall on the left…well I bought or am purchasing a pair of gates from Mona over at providence ltd to go there. The gates will be the entrance to my secret garden and will sit at the top of a small hill. We’ll be putting in stone steps leading up to the gates.

The gates look fabulous and just my style simple but elegant and the best part is I think you’ll be able to see them from the road. If you’ve never visited Mona’s shop you’re missing a real treat. I’ve purchased several items from her and couldn’t be more happy with everything.

One thing I will need to do is build up this small retaining wall and I say me because I actually can build too I just can’t lift 300 pounds.

Finding stones to beef up that wall won’t be a problem because they’re everywhere in our soil, almost like we grow them in New Hampshire. All you really need to do is look down and there they are ripe for the picking.

So how about you any projects you’re waiting on nicer weather to get started on?

Enjoy your week everyone!


Thoughts on Design said...

That was a very long haul for such large rock in a wheel barrow! WOW!!! How is Mr. Man's back? Actually, I am curious as to how he got it up into the wheel barrow. Sally and I are facing moving several large stones in our yard.

A gate to a secret garden... So romantic!!! With its patina, it will look like it has been there since the farm was originally settled.

Daffodils are beginning to show themselves here in Salem. The end of the week in the mid 60's. Hard to believe it's mid February!


sharon santoni at my french country home said...

I always love to see shots of your land Debra, you live in such a spectacular setting! Did you put those stone walls into the garden or were they already there, they look wonderful.
Hate to imagine how hard it was for your husband to haul that stone!

Decor de Provence said...

Cute Debra!
You and your husband are quite the team!! 300 pounds... my goodness!! I can't get over how beautiful your grounds are! I can't think of a more beautiful setting for a secret garden... can't wait to see it!
Our project seems to be going of forever!! It teaches me patience.

Much love to you!

michele said...

TOO many projects for the spring, mostly interior painting and tweaking. omg i love all the stone, and you and your husband as a team sound so much like us. i am def the cheerleader and am a shrimp so very little help when it comes to muscle work.

have a wonderful week!


Splendid Sass said...

I guess I can no longer complain about moving the fountain around after reading this. Wow, lot of hard work. Such a beautiful place.

Fashion-isha said...

I love all your photos in nature, they're really soothing and relaxing after a whirlwind week! Maybe this one will be calmer! Have a great week!

Divine Theatre said...

I cannot imagine 300 plus pounds! This Summer, we moved 150 pounds at a time and I really thought it was going to be the end of me!
I know this is going to be beautiful! I also know that I am going to be envious and want to change everything I did in my yard when I see yours!
We have lots and lots (and lots) of worked planned. Well, I do...husband doesn't know yet! It's better that way! LOL!

Kisses to Dylan and Kitty...

Ivy Clad said...

A secret garden! How awesome! I'm with you on wanting spring to come on. We're expecting a little dusting of snow tonight, which I am glad for, and after that I will be officially ready for spring!

Your landscape terrain looks beautiful. Have fun building your garden!


Sharon Lee Johnson said...

Wow, what a job! And what a great project to work on. You really do live in the midst of beautiful surroundings. x Sharon

LaPouyette said...

Looking so much forward to see your secret garden finished.
Great piece of work so far!!!

Have a lovely week and keep warm!

The enchanted home said...

Wow thats one heavy rock. I cannot wait to see the secret garden, love the gates and agree Mona has beautiful things. Dylan is such a great and trusty helper! I can imagine how cold it was there this weekend as it was freeeeeeeeezing here. Suddenly spring is sounding REALLY GOOD!

Victoria said...

Mister Man is a real trooper. It is amazing he could get that heavy rock into the wheelbarrow, none the less move it up a hill. Your project looks very exciting. Even though my projects don't have to wait for warmer weather (I live in SW FL), my current project is indoors renovating my kitchen. Not exactly like moving a 300 pound rock uphill, but it is taking longer. Don't you love projects, though?
All the best...Victoria

Nella Miller said...

Debra, that stone is beautiful, I can see why you have had your eye on it, and those gates are perfect! I was smiling when you became the cheering section, I can relate so well!
I cannot wait to see your secret garden!! This July we are starting a rather large renovation, so I will be in the garden to DESTRESS..I love your property with all the stones at your fingertips..N.xo

designchic said...

What a husband...that's some rock to move uphill. It's going to look amazing and I cannot get over the gate for your "secret garden" - the perfect piece!!

Leslie said...

Love your gates and look forward to seeing the garden. We decorate with lots of rock in the Pacific Northwest so I had to chuckle regarding the difficulty in moving your rock. They are much heavier than you think!

debra @ 5th and state said...

this was a hysterical read......i can see you cheering, filled with excitement and then.... the "look"!
can't wait to follow you along on this project


Gorgeous.........cant wait to see the final outcome!YOU GOT VISION GIRL!

Karen said...

What a beautiful setting for your secret garden. I have a knot garden that I call my secret garden, and it's always fun to work to improve it. I can't wait to see your garden when you get it started. The gates are fabulous.

Richard Cottrell said...

What does not take effort, is not rewarding in the end. Richard from My Old Historic House.

Blooming Rose Musings said...

I'd say Mister Man is a hero! I know just what you mean about being the cheerleader. The stone is gorgeous and I can see why you have been excited to see it moved to it's new home. I love the gates and look forward to seeing your Secret Garden. You certainly have beautiful surroundings.

quintessence said...

Wow - what a good sport!! Your wall and garden are going to look fabulous!!

Unknown said...

What a great project. And if that little old rock could talk, wonder what he would say about his journey!

The gates will make a striking entrance to your secret place.

Today, my landscape architect came by so we could discuss drainage issues and things we need to do to fulfill our "obligation" to the town once this construction is complete. Living near the water has its many upsides but one downside is a high water table. Could probably use some of those rocks to shore things up! :)

xo Elizabeth

helen tilston said...

What a beautiful property and that stone is perfect - the gates have so much character and will look like they have always been here.
As your new follower, I am enjoying reading your blog and look forward to a visit and comment

Helen xx

Acanthus and Acorn said...

I think the rock may need a commemorative plaque! The gates are amazing! I've had just one for over a decade, waiting for a special place. I used to keep it inside...may have to do that again because my "old house dreams" just aren't looking too promising!

Luciane at said...

Spring just arrives here in May, if we're lucky!! LOL Yes, this is Atlantic Canada, my friend. Beautiful, but cold as can be! Maybe I'm exaggerating, but it feels this way today... I woke up to -20C!

Splendid Willow said...

Debra, look at you! You have your priorites right - enjoying some fresh air (and hard labor!) away from the computer!

You are inspirational on many levels.

Happy Heart Day!

oxox, Mon

P.S Beautiful property.

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

Happy Valentines Day! I hope your orange roses arrived and that you are having a fabulous day!

The secret garden looks great, I cannot wait to see it all fall into place. Those gates are spectacular! And the found stones even better.

Enjoy your evening!

Thank you by the way for all of your lovely comments, xo Elizabeth

Stacy CUrran said...

We tried to move a large rock soon, and it was so much harder than I expected! Great job!

Alison @ The Polohouse said...

You are so fortunate to have all those natural and wonderful rocks to build those sweet New England walls for your secret garden. It is going to be fabulous!


I Dream Of said...

Wow! I'm so impressed! That is some rock. The words "secret garden" have such a delightful sound and I'm imagining the perfect magical spot. Looks like you are off to a fantastic start. Spring will be here before we know it! XO

Stacey said...

i am always impressed with your surroundings. so picturesque even in the winter. i applaud the mister for being able to move that very, very big stone:-).

Anonymous said...

You have an amazing piece of land. xo

Ispirato Design said...

Debra you are so funny! I can just imagine the look on mister's face as you bounded along beside him, cheering him on! I promptly had my mister read the post so that he knows I'm not the only one that freaks out over such things like the perfect rock! Your property is be-a-utiful!

billie said...

You've inspired thoughts of soft soil, sweet birdsong and dirty hands. Reality is hard soil covered in snow, the cawing of crows and clean hands, but soon....

Karena said...

Debra I can picture this entire scenario! Yor man must love you dearly!

Those gates are amazing and I have not visited Mona's shop for awhile. Your secret garden will be wonderful as we watch it come along.

3-400 pounds! Does your husband work out?!

Art by Karena

Unknown said...

What gorgeous property you have. That stone is a beauty! Nothing like using natural elements in a garden for accents.

Stacey said...

Just popping by again to say have a lovely weekend:-)

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. said...

Debra, I need to borrow Mr. Man. Seems like he is up for anything. That mossy rock is beautiful as is the entire property. I agree with John that it will seem as if the gates have been there forever. Hope to have the shipping info tomorrow. XO, Mona

Veronica said...

I'm cheering you for buy those gorgeous gates... so stunning!


Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...


YOu are so right, I do need a 12 step program for Downton Abbey. I do not watch TV regularly, except for that show! I am going to miss it.

I hope you are having a great week!! Elizabeth

Are you having any luck with Spring in your neck of the woods?
Take care,

Unknown said...

LOVE the idea of a secret garden, not to mention all the thoughtful touches going into it!


loving those gates! what a fantastic addition to your garden!

Room Seventeen said...

Hi Debra, I missed your blogpost, did not get any updates...
The gates are fabulous! And wow.. you really live in a beautiful surrounding !!

Kim @ French Country Antiques said...

Lovely blog. I'm your newest follower!

Fashion-isha said...

I know I already commented here but thank you so much for your sweet comments on my blog. Looking forward to seeing some more posts! Have a great weekend!

La Brocanteuse said...

I love your land and I am sure it must be "heaven on earth"..looking forward to see how your secret garden developes. The gates are for the stone, what can I say.."perfect" is not nearly enough. I love how you put so much effort into bringing this stone to your secret place...thank you for sharing. much love Colette ~ Afrique du Sud

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