Sunday, March 18, 2012

Moving Day!

It’s the kind of spring day that dawned crisp and clear and warmed up to a balmy 72 degrees…in March, in New Hampshire…unheard of but just the sort of perfect day meant for getting outside chores done.

First up uncovering my roses and as you can see they’re already putting out tons of new growth…in March, I don’t think I’m going to get over that soon.

The daffodils are pushing their way skywards….

And then it arrives carrying one of my Christmas presents……my stone for in front of my studio French doors. Yep, even on a Sunday they deliver around here.

Upward he comes carrying well over a ton of weight let alone what the truck weighs. Can’t wait to see what this will do to the lawn.

It’s a long trip up and around to where my stone needs to go (The guys didn’t want me hopping around backwards squealing over my stone for some reason.) so mister man is leading the way.

So Dylan dog and I raced around another direction and I squealed from here!
(The guys secretly loved it I could tell!)

My stone step being gently lowered into place…..yeah, see the ruts Rob has already made with his tractor, Mama ain’t smiling but it’s for the cause!

Now comes the easy part of moving my step into place and our ever-helpful Dylan dog is stepping in to lend a paw.

A little grunting and groaning…..

And voile, it’s home! Ok maybe not that easily but you get the point. I couldn’t be more thrilled with my new/old stone step. I even know where my stone came from it used to be part of a foundation on an 1800 house that was torn down last summer here in town.

Mister man and I even moved another stone we found on our property up and around for the patio.

In case you missed it this is what the finished stone patio will look like in my secret garden.

The antique gates I purchased from Mona at Providence Ltd Design arrived this past week and I couldn’t be happier they’re exactly what I need for the entrance to my secret garden. If you haven’t shopped Mona’s yet you’re missing a real treat!

image pinterest

I even found this amazing image over on pinterest and I’m thinking of copying this hedge. Thanks to Debra from 5th and State she helped me with the names of the plantings…thanks Deb. I love our blog world there are so many wonderful, talented and helpful people about.

So we’re making some small progress on my secret garden and with any luck it just might get done this summer. Thankfully mister man is chomping at the bit to lay my patio.

How about you, anyone out there planning a summer outdoor project?

I hope you all have a wonderful spring week and be well!



debra @ 5th and state said...

HOORAY!!! the new/old stone arrived, love it deb!

now the exciting part starts and with mr. man chomping at the bit, your on your way. can't wait to see the progress

thanks dear friend for the shout-out

The enchanted home said...

How are but a stones throw away from getting it all done..sorry couldnt
resist:) Looks beautiful and how neat that it is a relic of the past...makes it so much more special. And I cannot wait to see your secret garden come to life..that is so exciting!!
Isn't this weather incredible! We didnt' get as warm as you did but it was about as perfect as it can get. No complaints here!

An Urban Cottage said...

The secret is safe with me.

So you were able to just put it on a bed of gravel? No cement pad or anything underneath?

Love that border of hydrangea and grasses. I love when something so simple is so elegant.

Heather Robinson said...

It is killing me this time of year to no longer have a garden but I am living vicariously through you!

Revi said...

The stone, metal gates, all of it - AMAZING. I love the modern chairs juxtaposed with the old stone...

sharon santoni at my french country home said...

Now whoever said the best things come in small packets!! What a great gift, this looks wonderful Debra, and I love the gates too!
Congratulations on a good weekend's work

Fashion-isha said...

I also love that last hedge! Glad you're having a great accomplished weekend!

helen tilston said...

I love that your stone comes with lots of history. Your secret garden sounds awsome and every woman should have one. One of my paintings is entitled "the secret garden" painted in Ireland.

Wishing you a joyful week


Sharon Lee Johnson said...

What a wonderful project. Your gates from Mona are just gorgeous. I can't wait to see it all done. It makes me want to sink my teeth into a new project. x Sharon

Anonymous said...

Mona's shop is amazing, I agree. You have such a gorgeous piece of land up there in NH!! Can't wait to see it all unfold. Don't you LOVE this weather?!!! xo

Victoria said...

So exciting, Debra. The stone is magnificent as your secret garden will be. I love your inspirational image of a hydrangea (Limelight?) hedge. I wish I could have one in Florida. Sadly, it is too hot for Limelight here. My winter project -- my kitchen reno -- will most likely be my summer project as well. Murphy's Law. I cannot wait to see your secret garden.

quintessence said...

How wonderful - I love it all!! Your stone looks perfect and I love all your garden inspirations! That hedge of hydrangea with the long grasses is fantastic - would look great next to a stone wall!!

Unknown said... have really been busy. Your new stone is a great start to your "secret garden" patio....and gotta love something with a real history.

I returned to floors refinished, but still lots to be done. My tulips are pushing up (the daffodils in our area are already blooming) so I'm a little nervous about the guys trying to paint the house and not crushing them all. Oh well.....all in the name of progress!

Love those gates from Providence Ltd, too!!
xoxo Elizabeth

Greet Lefèvre said...

The stones are really beautiful!! And a delivery on Sundays! Waauuww!
Love your gate you found by Mona! And that pinterest picture is to die for!!
I am looking forward to the finish!

Anonymous said...

Im SO living vicariously though you!! I would love to be working on a project like this. You're doing a beautiful job and I love seeing the progress. The step looks perfect... as if it's always been there. I can't wait to see the gates in too!

A room with a view said...

I love the stone and that it has a history and those magical gates are fabulous. Have to check out Mona's. I do love that hedge, Debra. I have not seen anything like it - it looks like it has movement.



Leslie said...

72 degrees!! No wonder you are out trying to garden - and look at those rose buds! Your new rock will look wonderful on your property, which is gorgeous and I'm looking forward to seeing your garden!

Paula said...

WOW - how exciting! Love the gates, and that image of the white hydreangas is inspirational - exactly what I want to do in my garden. xx

Taylor Greenwalt said...

Deb...Love how you utilize nature into your home. Great idea! Your home is just lovely.

Mary Ann Pickett said...

That stone step is awesome!!! This is such a wonderful project, Debra. You are getting so close now. I am excited for you about the progress.

Thoughts on Design said...

This weather has been incredible and you're surly taking full advantage of it! The step looks perfect! It's wonderful that you know its history and are putting it back to use! What a teasing and exciting image of your soon to be secret garden! It will be gorgeous on spring days like we're having right now!


Karen said...

That is so cool. I love the history and the way it was delivered, even if you have to fill the ruts! :-) I love the idea of a hydrangea hedge with the grass in front. Can't wait to see your unveiling of the secret garden.

Veronica said...

Ahh it is wonderful... I am green about them stones you have!! Those gates from Mona are just perfect. Love them and the hedge is going look great! Secret garden? you have...


Veronica said...

Ahh it is wonderful... I am green about them stones you have!! Those gates from Mona are just perfect. Love them and the hedge is going look great! Secret garden? you have...


lvroftiques said...

I think worth the ruts in the lawn Debra *winks* Your new stone looks mahvelous. Love those gates and the inspiration for the hedge too. I'm looking forward to seeing all the upcoming progress....Now I have to ask...was "voile" (a lightweight fabric) a typo? Instead of "voila" (french for here it is as if by magic) because I thought how perfect that was for a textile dealer! *winks* Vanna

Maureen Stevens said...

oh gosh! the stone and those iron gates are beautiful! they will just look so gorgeous in your garden! I'll be Al fresco dining everyday if my scenery is like this! {ok, so sorry too many exclamation points but I truly love this...been dreaming of having a garden like this one day!}

michele said...

no outdoor projects of this magnitude! omg how cool is your step! and the secret garden is such an incredible dream you are making reality.

sending smiles and sunshine.


designchic said...

I am completely enchanted, Debra. It looks amazing and can't wait to see all the stonework completed and the gates...the perfect touch!!

I Dream Of said...

How wonderful to see your enchanted garden start to come together. A step in the right direction, definitely! And wonderful that progress can be made in gorgeous warm sunny weather - please send some our way, we're shivering in snow and hail here in Seattle!

Cris Angsten said...

Awesome! I love your stone step! We have a few big ol' hunks of stone leading to our back gate, and I loooove it.

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. said...

And what a moving day...Fabulous stone, I'm trying not to be green with envy. I absolutely can't wait to see this all come together. thanks for the wonderful shout out...I hope the gates work out beautifully. I would love to get even close geographically some day so we could meet and chat over a glass of wine. XO, Mona

Ispirato Design said...

That's so awesome! I would be just as excited! Your gardenareas look beautiful- I can't wait to see them finished and in bloom.

This weather is incredible and I've also been taken advantage of it- I'll be posting about my garden endeavors tomorrow if I can force myself inside for a bit.

I have a ton of family in NH- are you near Hopkinton?

Red Door Home said...

So nice to have found you! I am visting from The Encanted Home. I am now a follower and just love your stone project. Looking forward to seeing your secret garden.

~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

Hello, I adore your blog. This is my first visit here and I was sent by Tina. I also love the hydrangia border with the grass. I have a few red hydrangias ordered for this spring and could copy this also. Would you please share the names of the hydrangis and grasses? The yellow ones are lovely.
~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

Kathysue said...

Hi Debra, coming via Tina's blog post all about YOU!! Loved what I read and had to come by and take a look at your blog. How exciting to have a secret garden and it sounds as if you already have some great ideas. You spoke of two of my favorite blogging friends, Mona and Debra, two wonderfully warm and generous ladies! Can't wait to follow along with the progression of your Secret garden,

Adam in Texas said...

That stone step is the best and the last photo of the cottage is so amazing. Great blog and thanks for sharing!

trouvais said...

Have been gone this long?? I love this excited for you! Hydrangeas are really easy to propagate from cuttings so once you start a hedge you can just keep adding...and adding! Know exactly how you feel about stone! XO Trish

Blooming Rose Musings said...

The stones are fantastic and I'm looking forward to seeing your Secret Garden become a are on your way! I also love that the stones came from your property and locally, it makes your garden environment so authentic.
The gates from Mona are magnificent and they will add the perfect touch. Absolutely charming.
I have been slow in commenting recently because of long work hours and a very tender knee. But I haven't missed reading one of your posts. Always wonderful!

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