Sunday, April 8, 2012

Lighting the way, new find!

Have you ever found something that was so intriguing that you couldn’t pass by?

Something so compelling that you just had to say it needs to come home with me even if you have no idea where to put it?

I found such a thing and it did just that, it followed me home! It’s an antique altar rack from a church that was being torn down…even churches fall to ruins. I didn’t buy it for a religious reason I just thought it was so cool.

The rack is industrial looking and has an amazing patina on the worn metal. The cross is hand forged iron and the leaves on each of the five tiers will hold twenty votive candles and holders.

Since my rack is very long at 60” I’ve been having a hard time trying to think of where it could go and then restoration Hardware saved the day with their new line of furniture. I’ve been thinking of the deconstructed French Napoleonic ottoman to place the rack on.

Their long ottoman is the right length and they use it as a coffee table so I thought why not and burlap is my new favorite fabric of late, what could be better?
The ottoman is the perfect height to sit under my wall of windows in my studio and once the rack is on the ottoman you’ll be able to see the cross from outside. Wouldn’t that look wonderful for Easter and Christmas?

But then I started leafing through their new catalog and found this gem of a console table and I fell in love.
It would look wonderful draped in an antique textile like this 17th-18th century salmon cut silk velvet with gold metallic crosses and the altar rack on top. (For those of you who like the textiles I’m showing this is in the Byzantine style and I have it in green too.) But I am a little worried that this whole display might look a tad to religious rather then really unique items….what do you all think? And tell me your opinion console or ottoman because I’m torn!

The two pieces above have nothing really to do with this post but I know so many of you seem to like the textiles I show so I’m showing you these amazing 17th century metallic appliqué pieces I have hanging in my bedroom, they go with the Easter holiday.

So which would you choose the console table or the ottoman for my altar rack?

I hope you all had a wonderful and joyous Easter weekend and a very happy Passover!

Enjoy your week!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Hi Debra!

I just had to come to visit you FINALLY, for you are always there at our dear friend Elizabeth's blog. Great finds!!!! You have a lovely home as well; that window overlooking your wooded yard is splendid.

Happy Easter! Anita

Gina said...

Dear Debra, There is no question where your fabulous candle holder should go. It belongs on the console table. The ottoman with the upholstered fabric wouldn't look right. Besides, one can always use another console table. They fit anywhere and provide a surface for fabulous vignettes. Alternately you can always have your candle holder cut into halves and have another cross hand forged, or use the existing cross in another place. Or even have a base made for the cross only. Gina

michele said...

omg debra. when am i coming over to visit you and the altar rack. i know you already know what i think of a piece like this. GET DOWN. it is totally righteous.

i don't know care what you do with it. just get that baby filled with candles, let the sun set, and bomchickawahwah. you got romance.

loving the jesus textiles too!


A Perfect Gray said...

so insanely jealous of the candle rack, debra. and so not kidding here, if you EVER want to pass it along to a loving me.

I'm thinking the console table. like the ottoman but the table will put the rack at better viewing height. and YES to that salmon cut velvet piece. absolutely stunning.

I have so many religious icons that I love, too. nothing really valuable just things that have been cherished thru the years - so you have a kindred spirit in me here! keep us posted. donna

Miranda said...

OK, that altar rack thing-y is totally cool. To make the religious aspect less overt, I would definitely remove the cross.

Sorry, I have a total bias against anything from Restoration Hardware (fake, not-so-well-made stuff at ridiculous prices, IMHO), so I vote for 'none of the above,' although in general I would prefer seeing the altar rack on some sort of table rather than on an ottoman.

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. said...

Oh Debra...You know I am dying over your new find...Fabulous!!!!! Definitely the console table...DO IT! and let me come and enjoy the finished product with you. XO, Mona

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Love that rug and love the idea of the candle holder on the long console table! Good luck!

helen tilston said...

Hi Debra

I love and adore your candle holder. Can you imagine all the candles and prayers that were lit and said here? I am inclined to think the console table- the ottoman might be a fire hazard should a candle tip over.
The fabrics you show are divine - where did you find such treasures?

Happy Easter

Helen xx

Blooming Rose Musings said...

Debra, you have taken my breath away! The candleholder is fabulous! And perfect with your textiles. I vote for a console table but I'm not a big fan of RH so I'd look around at some fabulous antique sites and shops
(like Hudson Supermarket,1stdibs,etc)and I know you will find the perfect table. My heart is still thumping at the sight of your exquisite piece and textiles...a match made in heaven(no pun intended!).

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna say console table! Can't wait to see a photo in the future!! Hope you had a lovely Easter. xo

Victoria said...

I would choose the console table, Debra, but I like the simplicity of the altar rack on it without the textile. I am afraid the textile would look like you were trying to replicate an altar. Don't misunderstand, the textile is fabulous, but not in this application. Once you fill the rack with votives, think of all the novena's you can say.
All the best...Victoria

Thoughts on Design said...

The alter rack is amazing!!! The console is definitely the way to go. Draping the gable with the tapestry will cover up all the detail on the table, so it';s not quite right. I would consider a long runner that drapes over the ends of the table. Or perhaps hang the tapestry as it would have been done centuries ago.

HAve a great week!


Kim @ French Country Antiques said...

Debra, depends on what "look" or feeling you are trying to achieve. Console is more expected and traditional and ottoman is more relaxed and unexpected. I'm leaning more toward the ottoman simply for taking such a great piece out of its context and making you look twice.

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Beautiful and unique piece.
I vote for the console table...but perhaps no tapestry on it for a more industrial look and less religious look. The tapestry is indeed gorgeous though... Love putting it in front of those windows and can only imagine how lovely and romantic it would look from both inside and out!

The enchanted home said...

Hi Debra...first thanks for your kind get well wishes for Teddy, so good to see him doing better...its going to take a few more weeks but the worst is over!!! I LOVE your gorgeous candle altar rack...its beautiful! I have to say that I could easily see it on that beautiful get my vote for that but I am sure whatever you do is going to be exquisite. Love the textiles...that salmon colored velvet is incredible! You know both of these special pieces must have been blessed many many times so think you are in "good hands".

rosedeva said...

Ottoman, definitely. Kim is right....the other is too expected. Be different, it's way more fun.


CONSOLE.You donot want the candles sitting on fabric!Your find is FANTASTIC!Pee green with envy!

Stacy CUrran said...

Love the ottoman. Also, thank you so much for your nice comments recently! I feel so badly that with Easter and family in town, I've been too busy to respond. I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things very soon and catch up on my favorite blogs!! Hope you had a great Easter!

Bonnie Schulte said...

Oh, you must use the table, with the salmon fabric. It will be so beautiful...

Room Seventeen said...

The altar rack is beatiful! I think the console table is the best place for it.

Fashion-isha said...

I love the console!! Thanks for stopping by and your warm words!

StagerLinda said...

I vote for the console table. I think the textile is too much in the same vein. Maybe something contempory as a nice juxtaposition?
AWESOME FIND!!! Congrats!

Taylor Greenwalt said...

Debra great find. It will look great on the console table. Cant wait to see it.

Karena said...

Debra this is truly an amazing piece.

As a little girl we would go up to the vestibule in church and say a pray, make a little donation ( it could be anything) and light a votive candle.

Love your display ideas, especially the console!

Art by Karena

pve design said...

I would love it on the console table or housed inside a lucite box!
It is amazing,

Boho Farm and Home said...

Holy mole Debra...I love it and I think a console table and then you can use one of the alter clothes for Chirstmas and Easter and the in between times you can have it plain and clean showing the beauty and patina of these sacred relics.
I know what ever you decide it will be lovely!

A room with a view said...

I love the pieces you found, Debra! I love the ottoman and that fabulous cut-velvet fabric is gorgeous but I would go with the console. You would get a lot more use out of it. That is an amazing window in your studio.

Unknown said...

So much to love here! The altar rack rocks - the man upstairs must be grinning.

I would lean toward the console table (though I truly love both options) b/c I think it might be a tad sturdier and a little higher. Yes, to that amazing textile. I think it goes so cohesively together.

And who knows...perhaps it was the spirit that moved you! :)

xoxo Elizabeth

Marianne said...

Wow!!! The alter rack is incredible. I'd place it on the console table and think it would be so beautiful there.


WHOA. whoa. WhOA. Uh huh. Me likey. Console please.

Pura Vida said...

Omg, I do have a chapel in my home and I would swoon if I ever came across a find like that. I love the decently priced tall prayer candles, so I would probably go for the safer hard surface, but the stool is an awesome thought too...with little votives of water to float flowers.

Blooming Rose Musings said...

Debra, I ran into our RH today and they had "your" console table on is absolutely GORGEOUS! I understand why you are in love with it. It would be
PERFECT for your alter rack.

La Dolfina said...

OMG, my mom has a similar one in her home that came from our church when they changed over to safer candles which I think is so tacky but nevertheless it looks great in her living room. Hers sits on a matching metal base.
I will send you a photo of it.
I vote for the console.
Fabulous score Debra.
It looks amazing with your stunning textiles!!!!

Urban Orchard Interiors said...

So happy to have found your blog today! I noticed we are often posting on the same blogs. Love your fantastic find and although I really like the idea of the console table (which is gorgeous) I think you might be right that it would read a little church-y. That ottoman would be amazing too. Can't wait to see what you do. I just signed up to follow and look forward to checking out the pics of your home, etc.


Barbara@HausDesign said...

Debra, I am so envious of that fabulous find! I'd be worried about putting candled on top of that beautiful textile - because of dripping wax or fire. I love the Restoration console table - maybe a simpler textile to really let the altar piece shine? Wow, I can't wait to see how it turns out - lucky you!!!

Splendid Willow said...

Get out!!!!! How insanely cool is this??!!! I am not into organized religion whatsoever (I am the spiritual kind) but I like the timeless and simple shape of the cross and just like you I am always facinated by the history that comes with old pieces. I would proudly display it at my house and most likely on a taller base so it can be admired from a distance. I vote for the console.

You scored!!!!

Always very fun visiting your corner.

Love to you and Happy Weekend!


cotedetexas said...

I think it would be gorgeous with the console and the textile in front of the window. OR you could place the console in front of a wall and hang the textile behind it - ala john saladino. I'm so jealous of your things- all those textiles. Must be heaven!!!!

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...


Let me first pick my jaw up off of the floor, that is an incredible piece!!! I love you! I remember candle holders just like this in the church my family went to for many years. It brings back so many memories!

I think it would be beautiful on the console table and frankly I think the fabric would be the icing on the cake.

Now onto those fabrics!!!! They are spectacular!

You must do a post one day on how you came to be a textile dealer as well as how you aquire these unbeleivable finds. I would love to hear about your buying trips!

Take care Elizabeth

LaPouyette said...

For me definitely on a console table were these charming pieces would make an impact, in front of a window or with one of your fabulous textiles behind.

Great find! Congratulation!

Nella Miller said...

Debra, what an amazing find....and all the aura surrounding it, now in your home!! I think the console table would me my choice, the perfect height, much the same as the original stand it stood on, I would imagine...I like Joni's idea, with the lovely fabric hanging above it....but I know whatever you do will be beautiful ! N.xo

Veronica said...

Oh my word I nearly missed this post!! What a magnificent treasure! Console table for sure! Draped with that is going to look amazing! Love your view out of your studio window as well. You can always add the ottoman infront for mor texture and contrast if there is space. Enjoy your treasure.


Chris said...

I think it's unanimous, console for your precious
altar your blog and your amazing. Thank you for caring and sharing such historic treasures. You are the perfect conservator.

Bohemian said...

I'm so glad you added the last two photos from your personal collection... I'm having a swoonfest over them!!!

Dawn... The Bohemian

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