Sunday, June 24, 2012

A man of many faces....

We had a couple of days this past week where it was blistering hot but thankfully those days are gone and upon us is one of the most beautiful days. On these days Dylan dog likes to nap under the big Maples we have in our front yard where he’s in the shade and catching the breeze wafting through. Poor baby I woke him up simply to take a picture…this is his “WHY DID YOU WAKE ME UP” look. Actually Dylan looks kind of sad, I promise to never wake my baby up again just for a picture.

This is Dylan’s happy face he often looks this way when hanging out with his Dad. Truth be told this is pretty much his normal look, he happy and he’s hanging face. But have you ever seen a dog laugh. I don’t mean just a bigger grin but a face that says I’m laughin’?

He's telling Dad to do it, go for that spot that sends him over the moon.
Wait for it....

There you go a dog that laughs. Mister man is rubbing Dylan’s shoulders and that boy sure does love it. If this picture doesn’t put a big ole smile on your face today nothing will.

I hope you all are enjoying your weekend and first week of summer. This time of year I’m always beyond busy but it’s about to get even busier. Mister man’s birthday is the Fourth of July and we’ve got some celebrating to do. How about you any special plans?

From Mister man, Dylan dog and myself I wish you all a wonderful week!



Room Seventeen said...

Sunshine in New England? Lucky you!
In Holland the weather is really bad, lots of rain, no summer at all )-:

La Brocanteuse said...

Hello dear D! Thank you for sharing the " men" in your life!
Makes me miss our Yentl even more while here so far away. Thank you for your always welcome visit and comment on my blog. Love to you
Colette x


Now that is a face Debra!!! God I love dogs....:)

A room with a view said...

I would love to be outdoors just like that and relax in the sun but it got extremely hot this past week and then we had a torrential downpour. Besides, it was extremely busy so no time.

The enchanted home said...

He is sooo cute, what a sweet sweet face he has!! You have to get him painted by Mary (her info is on my blog now).....he is too cute to not have painted! And you are right its uncanny how much he and Teddy look alike..glad to see like Teddy, he likes to sit back and chill.....they lead quite the life! Very cute pics.

Woodside Park said...

I love all those photos, Debra!! I might have to dognap Dylan....he looks like such a sweet boy with that big smile :-) I wouldn't mind having a b-day on July 4th. Every year, fireworks for b-day....not bad.

Unknown said...

Yay! Love Goldens, and you have a great one! You are right, I have a big grin right now, thanks!

Unknown said...

Yay! Love Goldens, and you have a great one! You are right, I have a big grin right now, thanks!

Splendid Sass said...

He is just beautiful, and he does have a perfect smile. Appears he has a pretty good life too, as it should be.
Have a good week. Don't work too hard.

michele said...

dylan the laughing dog IS the cutest thing ever. omg. thank god you captured this.

lovin the heat over here and shhhhhhhhh my skin is very tan and we're lovin that too.

smiles and happy new week, debra.


Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Your Dylan looks so sweet! Lately my dogs love the garage floor - I think it must help them cool off! Summer has definitely arrived!

sharon santoni at my french country home said...

Dylan looks like he's in seventh heaven, even with the heat! Our dogs are so generous, even their contentment is a gift they share

Mary Ann Pickett said...

Does he just make you smile all the time? SO darn CUTE.

Greet Lefèvre said...

What a lovely post!! Oh your Dylan is such a cutie!!
He has the best home a dog can wish, no doubt about that!

Anonymous said...

This is delightful...what an extraordinary pup!

Heather Robinson said...

Dylan dooogggg!!!! :) Ah, Debra, you know how happy this post made me! He is SUCH a sweet boy--that laugh is too much. And that first photo made me laugh too he was so obviously not amused by your waking him up. What a wonderful Monday post--thank you and bisous to Mr. D.

Anonymous said...

If a dog can smile than Dylan certainly is going it. He is a good dog. Logan's friend got a golden puppy and we went to see him - he is the cutest thing in the world. She wants one in the worse way. I hope I can get her one eventually. xo

Stacy CUrran said...

He's one of the cutest dogs I've ever seen!!!

Stacey said...

How are you sweet Debra?
I've been trying to visit you for some time, but my boys would not have it:-). I really enjoyed seeing Dylan dominate this post:-) I agree with another reader that he has the best home ever! XX


GORGEOUS< your two BOYS!

Thoughts on Design said...

That's one happy dog!!! I recognize the "Why'd you wake me up?" face. So sweet... (I get my vicarious dose of doggy love reading your posts, now that Chipper and Coco are gone.)

Sounds like this week is going to be a miced bag weather wise. Cool a wet to start - hot, humid toward the end of the week... Sally and I will spend the week writing furniture specs and chasing new work.


Leslie said...


What a wonderful Monday post to wake up to! Being the dog-lover that I am (I have two English Springers) I'm loving this post and I can see by the expression on Dylan's face that he is laughing and saying (because our dogs have a voice, right?) "oh geez Mom, pictures again? Okay I'll do anything for you"

Such a beautiful day you are having! Enjoy your week!


Victoria said...

You are right, Debra. That last picture of Dylan is one of pure, unadulterated joy. It made me laugh.

debra @ 5th and state said...

ahhhhhhh, your baby is precious. dylan surely knows how to communicate with his expressions!

Barbara@HausDesign said...

Isn't that so cute how dogs can kinda smile that way? Ours does the same when she is happy and it still makes me melt after 11 years with her. :) Enjoy your week Debra and thanks so much for your kind comments!

Unknown said...

Love that smiling face!!! Molly's eyes light up when she's playing catch. So fun to watch!!

We celebrated 3 birthdays this past weekend and so I have happily been holed up at home today, getting things in order. Fluffing, basically.

Love that your honey's bday is 4th of July. Fireworks guaranteed every year, lucky man!!!

Here's to keeping cool....under the maple tree!
xoxo Elizabeth

Renae Moore said...

Oh so sweet! I love his 'smile'!

Sharon Lee Johnson said...

What a darling dog he is. That is a real doggie smile. x Sharon

Sharon Lee Johnson said...

What a darling dog he is. That is a real doggie smile. x Sharon

Splendid Willow said...

Dylan - so precious (and happy!). We are huge animal lovers over here.

Good luck with all your birthday preparations. I know you - it will be one wonderful party!

Hugs, Mon

Paula said...

Ha ha - Dylan looks like the sort of dog that I'd like to take out for a drink sometime - lol!
Great pictures - and yes they made me laugh along with him!
Paula xxx

Dash said...

Dylan is one, big gorgeous bear of a dog! I love the way dogs wander around in the Summer trying to find the shadiest, coolest spots.

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...


This looks to me to be thefect way to spend a Sunday afternoon! Dylan is so cute! Is there anything better than a happy Sunday with your husband and pup...ok, kids too if you have them, which I do not.

It sounds like you are going to be very busy, what special treats will you be making for your husbands birthday and the 4 th of July! I love recipes so do share if you have something yummy. We have made your potato salad five times since you shared...

I cannot wait to read Isabelle's book, how exciting that you were able to meet her. What do you think of the work up close and personal, does it look like some of the textiles you work with?

Have a great week, Elizabeth

Taylor Greenwalt said...

So cute! He does have a great smile. Hopefully it gets a little cooler for ya.

Fashion-isha said...

This is really nice!! Thanks for your great comment on my blog. Bottom line: if you're bored you're boring. So no matter what...if you keep yourself busy you're filling up your life!

Decor de Provence said...

Darling Debra!
You so made my morning!! I'm still laughing at that first image... so dang cute!! You make me want a dog!! I hope you have a wonderful week as well!

much love,

pve design said...

Everyone tells me that they want my dogs life. I do think when one is kind to animals - it shows in the dog.
You sweet Dylan looks content under that tree and with a good rub down of course. What would be do without our four legged friends. I do love them so -
Happy day to you and your men.

I Dream Of said...

If that face doesn't make you smile, nothing will! What a sweet boy. July is full of celebrations for us, too. Our anniversary is the 1st, there are a host of friends and family with birthdays on the 2nd, and my own Mr. H's day is the 9th. And this weekend we celebrate Canada Day with our friends at Seattle's Canadian Consulate. Lots of fun times ahead. Hope that you and yours have all sorts of fun celebrating the week ahead! XO

zanetastyle said...

Oh that is wonderful! He really is laughing and smiling ((:
have a lovely weekend too..xo Z

red ticking said...

darling post... wishing you a wonderful weekend as well... happy 4th... xx

for the love of a house said...

That sweet Dylan, and that sweet face slay me!! Too adorable for words! Happy Birthday to Rick- what a great day for a birthday!!

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...


Thank you so much for your kind comments, yes indeed my tests all came back and thank Gog it was not ovarian cancer. It has been a stressful couple of weeks and to say I am relieved is an understatement.

How are you? The weather? Terrible here but thankfully we still have power unlike so many.

Are you staying cool? Working in your beautiful garden?

Have a great week and thank you again, Elizabeth

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. said...

Cappi used to smile...we would all laugh until we were in stitches. Love seeing Dylan and Mister Man so happy. Hope he has a great birthday. Happy 4th too. Mona

Bethany [at] Powell Brower Home said...

oh is he cute or what?!! love mr. dylan! thanks for sharing

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