Saturday, January 22, 2011

Furniture Heaven....

I received my new copy of Atlanta Homes & Life Styles magazine in the mail this week and about flipped when I saw the cover. Pictured on the cover was this amazing dining room but what I was most after were the circa 1780 urns in iron armatures on the pedestals. They’re from Bobby McAlpine’s shop called AD Antiquity in Birmingham that I was told is now closed. The designer of this room is the very talented Susan Ferrier.

image via House Beautiful

I'm in love with these urns! Armature simply means a framework, in this case the iron, serving as a supporting core for the material used to make, in this case the URNS! There are actually a pair of these used in that dining room...FABULOUS!

I came upon these 19th century painted Swedish grotto chairs offered by A. Tyner Antiques when I was looking at Swedish benches. Aren't the scallop shell backs amazing? I thought the chairs were very reasonably priced too at $820 per chair.

One of the chairs was shown in Atlanta Home magazine this month as well in a bedroom designed by Liz Williams. The chair looks even better in a room just look at that detail!

I love anything with scallops as evidenced by this architectural piece above that suits in my studio.

Or how about this chair in my studio.....

It has a small lovely sort of scallop shell on top too.

There are scallops on the underside of those urns, scallops on the chairs and scallops on several things in my studio. I'm quite taken with anything that has a smooth sculpted flow. So what sort of architectural detail rocks your boat?


greg tankersley said...

Just a note of clarification: Bobby's shop AD Antiquities was located in Birmingham but closed a few years ago. Thanks for the shout out, though!

LaPouyette said...

"what rocks my boat?"
Definitely scallops, typical on 18th French 'seatings' - and very good carving either on wood or stone or marble or...
and actually - just good quality craftmenship.

Warmest greetings from the Périgord

P.S. Sorry about my "English"!

for the love of a house said...

those urns were the first and only thing I saw in the photo!!! have I mentioned that we have a wee-bit of an antique urn thing over here?!!
the chairs are fabulous, as are your studio pieces. you must do a studio post.

and Greg Tankersley commented on your blog?! now, how cool is that! his designs are fabulous- been watching his work for "years."

stay warm- minus 18 tomorrow :O


lvroftiques said...

Pretty much everything that floats yours! *winks* I think we love the same things. Those urns are divine! And so are the grotto chairs!Love the chair in your studio as well!
An aside, I found a pair of 18th century Swedish chairs at a garage sale for $35. Somebody had stripped them of their paint (I could seriously cry!)I'd love to get your opinion on them? Vanna

quintessence said...

Love those fabulous urns as well! In fact love everything you pointed out - the Swedish grotto chairs, the gorgeous dining room and your architectural piece from your office. Did you know that the scallop, resembling the setting sun, was used as a badge of pilgrimage in the Middle Ages? (learned that from the William Arthur blog). Beautiful!!

Linda in AZ * said...

* Charming, unique/"not-seen-everyday" TOTALLY floats MY BOAT, and that first pic w/ the absolutely scrumptuous urn, chandy, chairs... heck, ALL of it, has me in a SEA of smiles!!!


Linda in AZ *

Duchy said...

Absolutely gorgeous pieces! The shop wasn't open when I lived in Birmingham, but I can honestly say they have some amazing antiques stores down there. People really know how to decorate and entertain in the South and spend a great deal of time and money creating beautiful spaces.

Unknown said...

That dining room is gorgeous..I have a real affinity for urns as well!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by the blog! Stay tuned in for Friday as we announce the winner of the Lowe's giveaway!

Lila said...

All fabulous pieces. I'd take that chair for your studio anyday!
Lila Ferraro

ursula said...

Love it all--scallops, roses, garlands, fluting...especially if it is aged and gilded!

Mona Thompson said...

I would die to have those urns. That might be a tad extreme but I really do love them!

Richard Cottrell said...

Love your post, was brought to my attention by Ms. Vanna. I think your Chairs are not Sweedish, but Italian. Either way they are devine. I have a blog you might like. Thanks, Richard at

Anonymous said...

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