Thursday, April 21, 2011

Brief Interlude….

I’m getting very excited, it’s that time of year when all the postcards start flowing into my mailbox for upcoming shows and antique container deliveries from Europe. This postcard above is announcing a new container from France for Bush Antiques in New Orleans. Love the images dealers choose to present an antique piece.

French campaign bed

French toile bed

Beds in every size and to fit every taste!

This postcard from Michael Trapp was announcing he’s open for the season! He closes shop during the winter months so he can shop…. rough life huh?

16th century Italian tin glazed wine jars

I purchased one of these wine jars from Michael for my new kitchen and can be seen here and I think I own that green one right there in the middle, love it!

Pair of Neapolitan Bronze Torchiers

I’m loving these small torchieres and they’re reasonably priced, I might have to break down and buy them but don’t tell mister man! If you live on the east coast Michael's shop is always worth a visit but he's only open on Saturday and Sundays.

Then we have my absolute favorite, held three times a year in Brimfield Massachusetts is the Brimfield Antique Show. This show comes in and takes over the entire town spreading for miles on end with dealers from every part of the world. If you go home without a truckload of treasures then you just weren't looking hard enough!

The day before Brimfield opens to the public and to kick things off is the Antique Textile and Vintage Fashion Show. Dealers from all over the world set up here and because I deal only in European goods you know I'm first in line for this show. I leave broke, tired but extremely happy because I finally get to see in person and touch the things I'm purchasing first hand.

The textile show offers so much more then just my type of textiles, European and really old, they also offer antique clothing, grain sacks and furniture, if it’s cloth this show offers it. For someone like me who lives out in the country with nothing around the Brimfield Show and a host of others like Round Top in Texas offers so much during the summer months. Just to be able to touch and see is intoxicating when I typically buy from dealers on the computer. Just two more weeks and we're shopping! I'm getting very giddy!


Unknown said...

great post
beautiful items
think your man
closes during the winter
(wise chap indeed)
as everything kinda dies
here in france
when the grey skies arrive
and restarts roundabout now
first major weekend for
sniffing out goodies


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

The Brimfield Antique Show sounds an absolute must and we can only imagine what a fair stretching all across the town can be like.

Here in Hungary there is nothing of anything which you describe although Budapest does have some very good antique shops. In London there is the Antique and Decorative Fair, held three times a year in Battersea Park. That is well worth going to.

There appears to be such a vogue for things French at the moment, items and style regularly featured on a variety of blogs. Why is this so? we wonder.

michele said...

omg the last two images especially just take my breath away. yet another reason to look forward to the promise of spring, yes? i will be off to the flea market very very soon and can't wait to share more treasures!

hugs to you.


lvroftiques said...

Oh Debra me likey!! I'm reaching out my little hand to touch that toile!! And love the beds! I have one similar to the last metal one (not nearly in as good shape) Also love your Italian tin glazed wine jar! It looks great in the corner of your kitchen! Which by the way I love as well *winks* How do you like your wolf? Would you buy it again? I'm on the hunt for a great range and was wondering if it was worth the extra moola?
Since I'm ambling all over here, I'll add that I think you should buy those torchiers! Very cool!
Here in Seattle we don't have any fabulous shows or flea markets *sighs* Vanna

The enchanted home said...

Wow I can see what all the excitment is all have me all exited and giddy too! You are making me want to get up to Brimfield too! (great just what my husband wants to hear....another place to go and find somthing to The textiles look incredible...and that last picture made me weak at the knees!! Those antique beds...are amazing. I have not been to Bush Antiques but my aunt who was an antiques dealer in Baton Rouge dealt with them all the time....and spoke highly of them. Looks like they are a find! You have some exciting things coming up..cannot wait to see what goodies you come up with!

Room Seventeen said...

Oh, the Italian wine jars, I love the colors and the picture!

quintessence said...

Debra - did you know that there is going to be a huge blogger meet up at Brimfield? Over 50 people have already signed up. If you're interested, let me know and I'll put you in touch with the people organizing. I would go but it's the same date as Parents' weekend as my daughter's school.

Stacey said...

The excitement is contagious especially after seeing the pics and those jars that you bought-swoon!. I'll be counting down with you! XX

Anonymous said...

pretty images on these
postcards...sounds like the dealers know how to get people excited and attend the show/ have a good eye for detail...take lots of pics when you attend the show...we wanna see 'em..

under spanish moss said...

How exciting!! What beautiful images. We'll have to go down and check out Bush Antiques.
Happy weekend!!

Heather Robinson said...

Oh my, more proof that all of the REALLY good stuff gets sent to the States! ;) What beautiful images you selected and your excitement is catching!

Will you give Dylan some scratchies from me please? He has sweetie written all over his face.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


LaPouyette said...

Love the jars! Could happily live whit all of them!!!! Lucky you, to have at least one!
And - of course - the fabrics!

You must be very busy now. Having done fairs for many years I know what work is involved with all the preparation. But - I do miss the fairs, was always exiting and inspiring.
Hope that you will tell us everything......
Dear Debra,have a lovely and relaxed Easter weekend!
Warmest greetings from the Périgord

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