Sunday, June 23, 2013

Lighting up my Life

I’m going to tell you a little something about decorating and me until I find what I want and what I love I would just as soon leave a spot empty. Because of that little tendency of mine we have been without bathroom sconces in our downstairs bathroom for three years! I kid you not. In fact Mister man likes to refer to me as Picky but Patient.

Even though we live in an antique home we still like modern touches and don’t want to live in the past. But you also don’t want to take the interior to far from the style of the house. Love this mix of old and new.
Elle Decor
Our downstairs bathroom is somewhat narrow and long with a high ceiling so we couldn’t have anything that stuck out into the room to far. And the electrical boxes were already in the wall so not like we could move those to a height we needed them to be.
I choose a modern mirror that echoed an antique pivot mirror so I needed lighting fixtures that worked with the mirror as well. But also something that would soften the modern touch somewhat.
And we have two different wall treatments going on in that bathroom. Since the bathroom walls are so tall we were able to put beadboard on the lower part of the wall and hang my favorite…grasspaper! So now I was working with a natural texture and a modern fixture. All that was needed was something to bring it all together…..

I don't really like this bathroom just the light fixtures but they extend to far out.
My image
And then I found them at RH the perfect blend of modern and industrial and the shades have a slight feminine touch to soften things.
 My image
I still have a few other things to do to this bathroom like stick a plant in that pot but the bathroom is headed in the right direction. So how about you, do you settle or wait?
I hope everyone is having a wonderful start to the summer. Me I’m finally out in the yard and up to my knickers in dirt planting away and couldn’t be happier!
Enjoy your week everyone!


sjr said...

I am learning to be more patient, I envy you that trait!

zanetastyle said...

Haha so funny up to your "knickers"! I use that word myself(: and am happy gardening now too, so very lucky we are not have gotten flooded with this huge calgary disaster... And we are near the river too.

When it comes to your question ... I am in between... Wait a while to get what I want for sure but because I usually have the time... I search and search until I find it with a few months usually (:
Recommending you to look at visual comfort sconces. And also a live of mine is "rejuenation" lighting!

All the best and enjoyment with the knickers(: and planting...


michele said...

i'm a waiter! i am very patient and picky like you. and frugal, which is prob the reason i frequently wait.

love what you've done to your bathroom--so classic and timeless.

smiles to you.


Teresa Hatfield ~ Splendid Sass said...

Gorgeous images, Debra! I especially love 1 & 3!
I hope that all is well with you and your family.

The enchanted home said...

Don't you just love it when you find that perfect match? The one, the only..the one you have been searching for? Best feeling them and they look great! Enjoy "seeing the light"....I can relate to your picky but patient (well I am not always that patient on second thought) but WILL wait to get what I really want and would rather do without than
'settle". Enjoy your evening....

Jenny Rose-Innes said...

Your choice is perfect - and I love the wallpaper - especially the colour-scheme. The tilt-mirror is beautiful too! I am building a house at the moment - it's still in the beginning stages and will start posting pics once things get interesting. I am choosing lighting, tiles etc at the moment so totally relate to this post - there are some light fittings I just cannot decide upon! Have a good week! Jenny

debra @ 5th and state said...

love those sconces, actually the entire bath

i have a bathroom to do.........we moved in 20 years ago!

carolyn bradford said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I would say being patient definitely pays off with you! I wish I was like that! I'm learning to be! Your pictures you've shown are incredible! I always love your posts and I certainly love your taste! We could be two peas in a pod! I finally got the nerve up to leave a note in the mailbox for the house color from my "Drive By Shooting" post….seems it isn't going to work for us….doesn't look good with our roof color! This made me realize that being patient and exhausting all efforts and possibilities definitely pays off…I would die if I spent a large amount of money on something and wasn't 100% happy with it in the end!

therelishedroost said...

Really beautiful choices here!!

Sharon Lee Johnson said...

I wish I was more like you - I am sooo impatient and end up regretting choices and making expensive mistakes. Your wait was worth it...your bathroom looks lovely! x Sharon

Heather Robinson said...

Hooray! A post from Debra! :) And I loved ALL of these images--I am big believer in mixing too. You see quite a bit of that in these parts.

And I wait!! Absolutely! We dined off of our coffee table for so long that I am embarrassed to admit it but oh it was worth it for the table that we now have and hopefully will for forever.

Have a wonderful week!

An Urban Cottage said...

Settle vs. Wait is a delicate balance. Sometimes you have to make some sacrifices to get the job done.

Your bathroom looks great. The darker palette is really soft one the eyes. A little green from a plant and it will be perfection.

I should also note that the photo at the top I just recently discovered is from Gil Schafer's Book "The Great American House."

Charlotte Des Fleurs said...

When I find "the perfect" thing, even if it is for a future project, I buy it. That means my garage and storage unit have lots of supplies for future projects while some current projects are left unfinished. Ultimately, I get there, but it does take time and patience.

Fortunately, Hubby is patient, even when we had scaffolding in our entry hall for two months while trying out various hanging fixtures.

Imagine doing the Limbo to get in under the scaffolding every day!

Leslie said...

I agree Debra. Waiting to get what you want is a good idea. I can't tell you how many times I've made a purchase on impulse and then regretted my decision. Working with a budget sometimes means buying one piece at a time and then I feel like I've lost the continuity in the room.. do you know what I mean? (I've had to do this while raising my kids.. things have been put on hold). Your sconces look so pretty. I like RH! Great quality and I always keep an eye out for their sales. So glad to see a post from you this morning Debra! xxleslie

Woodside Park said...

Looks lovely, Debra! Beautiful bead boards. I tend to wait as well. I love your collection of apothecary bottles on the shelf as reflected in the mirror :)

I Dream Of said...

Looks fantastic. I'm the same - prefer a blank spot to having the wrong thing fill it. And I'm hugely picky, which is why we lived 5 years in this house without nightstands and still have several gaping holes in need of furniture and blank walls to fill!
Happy planting!!! XOXO

Karena said...

Debra an excellent decision!! I love the shape and shades on your RH sconces. I can get impatient, yet when something needs to be just so....I will wait!

Giveaway from The Enchanted Home!

Karen said...

I admire that quality, picky but patient. I've learned that along the way but I didn't always know to wait until I found the perfect thing for our home. Your bathroom is great, I love the beadboard and grasscloth and the new sconces. I also enjoyed the very cool bathrooms you shared. There were some pretty examples for future projects.

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...


I always love seeing your posts. I too would rather leave things empty and blank until I find the right things or have the time to do the project right.

In fact I leave whole rooms empty until I can do them they way I like. I think when you wait you get things you like and you spend less money.

I hope that you are having a great week.

zanetastyle said...

Btw I love those you picked... At RH just my always go to is
That mirror you got is fantastic!
Ciao z

Fashion-isha said...

Isn't the summertime divine? I love these interiors they're really handsome!

toko baju muslim murah said...

Your article is very interesting Beautifull photos and great blog to read thank you

marsha cannon said...

I am like you - I would rather wait for the right object than live with less than I want it to be. I also go digging in the dirt for my therapy! Happy Summer!

Anonymous said...

Debra- these are gorgeous examples!

Daryl @ screen porch kits said...

The wood counter/table with the sinks in inspiration photo 5 is amazing. That along with the iron door and window framing have given me some vision for our rustic bathroom.

LeeAnn at Mrs Black's said...

Lovely images - and you are right, we should be patient and wait for items which truly suit us and our own style. Sometimes I am guilty of rushing and later regret. Ah, enjoy the garden, always revives the soul. Minerva ~

cindy hattersley design said...

Oh my goodness you and I have the same disease. It took me about five years to get dining room curtains! And now I am ready to change them. Your bathroom looks fabulous and the sconces are just the right jewelry for the room!

Stacey said...

Love your hoice from RH Debra! A classic indeed. I tend o wait which makes for many unfinished projects... We've been having rain weather all day everyday for weeks here( no exaggeration), so I've been busy trying to find creative ways to nertsin the kiddos indoors. Happy weekend to you.

Loretta Fontaine (EcoHappy Blog) said...

Debra- Oh, I feel the same way! I found great sconces on ebay and we've added them to our sides of our windowseat addition, but they on the same switch as the light that will go in the ceiling of the little addition - which I haven't chosen yet!

Someday, my new sconces will light up - but only when I pick the new ceiling light!

Your bathroom looks fabulous. My favorite is the grasscloth - so pretty!


pve design said...

I have a book with lists and I cross things off. The powder room is missing a hand towel ring or bar which is why it is styled on the side of the sink!
I admire you for waiting and settling. I think it makes the find worth the adventure.

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