Monday, July 1, 2013

Objects of Affection!

I need to tell you a little something about myself….I’m highly suggestible when it comes to objects. I know instantly if I love something and then I go on a mission to find whatever it is. My latest obsession is an antique French plaster plaque that I’m blaming on Mon over at Splendid Willow and Loi at Tone on Tone.
Yep, this picture is a small area in Monika’s home and I love how she did a little something extra with the Kanji black marks….gives her plaque some emphasis  don’t you think?

Then Loi came drifting on the scene with his amazing plaque and I was off and running trying to find a plaque of my own. I want his fabulous green secretary too but that’s for another time.
I love pieces of artwork that have life of their own and make a simple statement. I'm all about keeping it simple and elegant.
Veranda came out with simple flower medallions on faded worn wood and I was over the top. I need to find something with that aged green color I love it!

Loi at Tone on Tone kept torturing me with yet another fabulous plaque when he did a post on designer Frank Randolph's home that was featured in Veranda.
Are you noticing how these simple works of art work in any setting and with any type of furniture?

When I saw this grouping of plaster plaques offered at an auction I knew there were plenty out there to be found and I only needed one!
My Plaque
Lucky me I finally found an antique French plaster plaque of my own two weeks ago complete with aging. The sucker is big and heavy so wherever I decide to hang it Mister man is going to have to do a little work so it doesn’t rip down the plaster wall. I found this item at  Alhambra Antiques and have purchased many things from Olga and have been thrilled with every piece.
Now I’m on the lookout for a small industrial looking cabinet like this one for our downstairs bathroom that I showed a small part of last week. Shame this was sold because it was the perfect size for my needs.
Beth Webb Interiors
Now my newest obsession is trying to locate the perfect small bench/stool like the one pictured here. I have a small piece of antique zebra that I’ll be upholstering the seat and then the piece will be going into our newly redecorated living room when it’s finished. How about you what are you hunting for this week?
I’d like to thank Steve over at An Urban Cottage for rescuing so many of us with his post about our reading lists going away. Steve took the time and effort to find options for us to transfer our lists…so thank you Steve I know you saved me!
Short week this week for all of us and I would like to wish all of you a happy and safe 4th of July celebration. We’re going to be doing extra celebrating around our household because it’s also Mister Man’s birthday!
Happy 4th of July everyone!


I Dream Of said...

Happy 4th to you, too, and happy Birthday to Mr. Man!

Like you, I get obsessive about certain objects. I think I enjoy the hunt almost as much as the find. I love your new treasure - and now I'm thinking I need one, too. It would add the perfect touch of elegance to a blank wall in my breakfast nook.

Happy hunting! XO

Pura Vida said...

Debra I am so with you on this...I get obsessed and will not give up until I find. And Loi makes everything desirable doesn't he? I have been obsessing over a zebra hide for 3 years...I have no place to put one now unless in my husband's office and darn it he doesn't want one!! So a little stool such as this could be perfect!

Splendid Willow said...

Good Morning Debra,

What a fun and unexpected treat to see my own home and plaque here today! (Not looking so tidy today, I can assure you!).

The black art piece on the wall is by a Swedish artist residing in Paris - Curt Asker. He has made some beautiful art pieces in black steel, floating from ceilings and walls. I wish I could afford a really large one...

Loi and Steve are the best - and always inspire and help! (As do you!).

Your plaque is looking wonderful, Debra! You scored.

Happy 4th and happy birthday to Hubs.

oxox, Mon

Karena said...

Dear Debra,
Your find is gorgeous! I would love to see wear you hang the aged plaque!

I am wanting to add to my collection of Cross Bottles!

2013 Designer Series

A Perfect Gray said...

debra! I enjoyed this post so much - one of your best, I think. isn't it funny how something catches our attention and won't let go? so glad you have one of your own, now.

all my best, donna

Unknown said...

I'm completely smitten with all of the plaques, yours included!!! I do have a fondness for them.

I'll keep my eyes peeled for the bench and the industrial chest...but it sounds like you could have been a sleuth in a previous life, as you seem to have a way of tracking things down!!

Have a wonderful 4th!
xoxo Elizabeth

An Urban Cottage said...

I think I've seen all of those images--Gina's and Loi's for sure--but they never really grabbed my attention except the one in Frank Babb Randolph's place. I love the one you got. It's great!

I also adore that zebra bench! I recall looking around for something similar when I first saw the image and never found one. I did see a round "tuffet" up in Maine with hooved feet but it didn't have the arms. I'll let you know if I find one...or two. One for you and one for me!

Happy 4th.

Woodside Park said...

Hi, Debra -
Thank YOU for all the kind words :) Love your antique classical plaster plaque - very handsome!! I've had plaques with the same phrase Republique Francaise. Mine were 19th century insurance plaques. For hanging, you might try a hook at top and an "L" bracket at the base to help support the weight.
Have a wonderful 4th ahead!
x Loi
PS - I love that photo of Mon's room - one of my favs!

Stacy CUrran said...

This is a gorgeous post! Loved all the beauty Debra!

The enchanted home said...

Love the plaques, a way to add interest and texture to any space. Happy 4th to you Debra and happy birthday to your husband...hope its a wonderful, relaxing and mostly rain free hair is hating all this humidity!

michele said...

happy 4th, debra!

those medallions are stunning and have such an ethereal, timeless quality. you've totally intrigued me with the words 'antique zebra' though. oh my. it's just a sexy combination that i must know more about. and it reminds me of a collage i created a couple yrs ago that i'm going to have to post on the blog for you.



Taylor Greenwalt said...

Debra, I love your new funny but I didn't notice them in Loi's images....but I love them! I want them.

Leslie said...

Hi Debra, Your plaster plaque is beautiful and I'm SO glad you found exactly what you wanted. Loi and Mon are amazing and I always feel inspired after visiting. The stool will be perfect and .. the zebra print.. love that!

Have a fun weekend ahead and happy birthday to your husband!


Boxwood Terrace said...

That is a gorgeous placque Debra. Please show us a photo when it's in its final place. I like how you know what you like, seek it out, a buy it and then are on to the next thing. Very efficient!


Stacy CUrran said...

Debra- another post that blew me away! I love every single image, and your new obsession. I am highly suggestible like that, too, so i know what you are going through. I can't wait to see yours in lace!

La Contessa said...

Happy Birthday MISTER MAN!It is also my SAINT DAY!So, let the fireworks begin!!!!!!!!!!!!Good job on the plaque Madame D!

Karen said...

LOL. I do the same thing, it's crazy but I'm still searching for one of your more recent "obsessions", laurel wreath no avail, I might add. I loved Loi's placque and piece it hangs above. Such great examples of a way of bringing life to a wall.
I subscribe to your posts so I'm safe, but the whole reader thing really was a surprise.
Enjoy your 4th.

Mimi said...

I love these plaques, too- they add such an elegant beauty. Yours is perfect- I can't wait to see it hung!

So many beautiful images, too- I enjoyed this very much!


Heather Robinson said...

Debra, this post made me smile. It made me remember when you were so obsessed to find the perfect column to hold your planted urn that finally your Husband had to make you one!!
Happy celebrations to you both.

toko baju muslim murah said...

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therelishedroost said...

I just love plaster plaques and intaglios, I love these images!!
xo Karolyn

Anonymous said...

You cracked me up! "I want it and I want it now" is my motto. Too bad we don't live near each other or we would be auctioning and antiquing every day! Sue N.

Anonymous said...

Great hunt and successful find! I am hunting for a zebra runner! My daughter is moving to a new apartment which is big enough for a large drop leaf table I want to give her. The zebra runner will make it fresh as an accessory piece along a wall IF I can find that runner!

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...


I love these plaques! And I am so happy that you managed to find a beauty, I think it is my favorite of all that you have shown...perhaps it is because I love France so much.

Whatever the case I cannot wait to see it hung, and to see your bathroom and living room projects. My goodness you have been busy.

I was thinking of you yesterday as I saw an article about a manor house going to the National Trust and its contents being auctioned off...the reason you came to mind is that there were several beautiful vestments and textiles for sale.

I hope that your 4th of July was dry and wonderful! A happy birthday to your husband. Did you have a delicious dinner and dessert? I would love to learn some new recipes if you are willing to share.

Have a fabulous and hopefully dry weekend!

xx Elizabeth

Berlinbound said...

Just found your blog this morning and enjoyed perusing the pages. Great things - inspiring.


Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

Hope you are having a great day! It is roasting here! What about you, have you seen the sun this weekend?

Mona Thompson said...

Love, love your latest purchase. We bought a fabulous plaque on our latest buying trip, but have not had time to get it or anything else for that matter on our website. Everything is still in a warehouse...but all of that is changing soon with the new shop and warehouse of our own. We are so excited. Miss visiting with you. Hope you are having a wonderful Summer! A big hug from me...

Loretta Fontaine (EcoHappy Blog) said...

Debra- Oh, I hope your husband enjoyed his tomato tart! Happy 4th to you!

What a special piece you bought! I'd love to know more about the history of those plaster casts. Yours is so lovely.


Loretta Fontaine (EcoHappy Blog) said...


....and I am looking for a small light fixture and the perfect moldings to finish off my window seat. I guess I should also be hunting for the right window treatments, too but I can't get too far ahead of myself!

I'm also hunting for antique doors to replace two white doors in bathroom cabinets, and an old ornate window I can put mirrored glass in to finish off my dining room!


toko baju muslim murah said...

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Deborah said...

Found your lovely blog through A Perfect Gray :) am your newest follower, noticed your name Debra, that's how I spell mine even though the proper way should be Deborah ;)

Bee happy x

Barbara@HausDesign said...

I adore that whole unique, intriguing vignette in the last picture! I can understand and appreciate you getting obsessed about certain special objects - I can relate. :)

cindy hattersley design said...

I agree Debra! The older I get the more I like "simple" art objects. I have a closet full of pictures that I should get rid of....You are right that industrial piece would have made an interesting vanity....and...can't wait to see your bench when completed!

Stacey said...

Hi Debra!
I hope you had a great 4th and Happy Belated birthday to your hubs!:-). Beautiful post and I'm all for simplicity and elegance too. Your plague is beautiful and I'm smitten with the zebra bench!

designchic said...

They are so gorgeous and I LOVE the piece you worth all the effort. Can't wait to see it hanging in the perfect place over the perfect chest...

zanetastyle said...

Beauty that plaque and what a great piece of art for a home... Never thought of that even... Congrats!
Hugs z

handyman st paul said...

These plaques are gorgeous, and that bench chair too, well, is antique looking but beautifully crafted.

La Dolfina said...

That's my Virgo girl!!!!
I adore your plaque!
It is going to be amazing when you get your vignette together!!!

Unknown said...

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Daryl @ new home builders fl said...

I almost feel like I'm in an outdoor garden looking at a Greek statue in that second photo with the plant on either side of the plaque. It definitely creates some emphasis.

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