Wednesday, July 14, 2010

1stdibs, a New Record!

No, 1st dibs didn’t make a new record selling anything, at least I don’t think they did? Congratulate me, this is the first time I have ever made it through the entire new listings on 1st Dibs in one day. As anyone knows that’s not an easy feat considering there are typically 18 pages of mouth watering, eye dropping, goodies galore to peruse! Such fabulous stuff and I can't afford a single thing! Then again my birthday is coming up in September and for those of you needing some gift ideas I’ve gone ahead and chosen a few morsels………

offered by Alexander Westerhoff Here

These 17th century Baroque Marble Corbels would look perfect on either side of my fireplace and who doesn’t love angels? But then again I'll need a nicer fireplace surround to go with the corbels so toss this in too please. Then again my ceilings will need to be raised but that's what a wish list is for huh?

offered by M. Naeve Here

Love stone fireplace surrounds and this 18th centry French job fills the bill, in fact maybe I should ask for two of these, the other would look amazing in a bathroom!

offered by Karla Katz Here
Italian gilt Lantern

My entry hall fixture really needs some serious help and I thought this would be the perfect fix!

offered by William Laman Here

I just love this Swedish Baroque table it would go perfectly in the entry way as well, I need to find a mirror to go over it and oh yeah, I need a bigger entry hall!

offered by Lotus Gallery Here

This Empire silk velvet pillow is right up my alley, anyone who knows me knows how much I love anything orange! Throw in some metallic anything and I'm yours!

offered by Watkins Culver Here

I will always accept fabulous 18th century paintings with angels but when they come with an outstanding frame, Perfection!

To round things out I think I should pick a little something for the outdoors but then again these urns are stunning and might look great in my dining room.

offered by Rose Uniacke Here

I was utterly amazed to have noticed I made it thru all the new listings and then I looked at the time and
wasn’t to pleased with myself since I didn’t get a single thing done today. But it was a nice rainy day here in New Hampshire and we haven’t seen rain in two months so I think I’ll count this as my celebration for the rain. What do you wish for on rainy days?


Mona Thompson said...

OK, We need to do lunch. We love all the same things. I just wish one of us could afford them. We can always dream!

Acquired Objects said...

OK we'll do lunch you buy I just used up my alllowance just looking at 1st

Veronica said...

Oh dear heart!!1 Your morsels are simply devine...each and every one of them! May they all come your way!!


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