Friday, July 30, 2010

Zinc: Irresistible Blue/Gray

New England Home magazine, Home of Design Duo Lee Bierly & Christopher Drake

Zinc, zinc, zinc, everywhere you look there’s zinc! Don’t you just love zinc? I know I do. I was just outside putting the finishing touches on a couple of boxwood shrubs that I planted up in my new Restoration Hardware planters. Which by the way are on sale now Here! It got me thinking about how wonderful the color is, that soft gray/blue.

Restoration Hardware zinc footed planters

It has become a design stable blending beautifully with today’s neutral interiors.

New England Home magazine, Home of Design Duo Lee Bierly & Christopher Drake
See the zinc table behind that stunning burlap and linen chair, love those pillows!

Gray is a true neutral color because of this, gray can be very restful and works with any palette.

This zinc nightstand comes open, one drawer and the bottom open or closed as pictured above from Restoration Hardware Here

French Zinc and Iron Table from Laurin Copen Antiques Here
Love the zinc on the table legs! The pillows pick up the zinc color beautifully 

Monumental Neoclassical style Zinc Bookcase from Sarlo Here
Look at that fabulous cartouche, I'd love to have this in my home!

A Pair of Large Scaled Zinc Urn Lamps from G. Sergeant Antiques Here
Now these make a statement!

Did you know Europeans even used zinc for their roofs? It’s even being used here in the US for roofs…I did not know this. The zinc will last for 80 - 100years and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Zinc sheets are laid over wood and seamed.

The New Eighteenth Century Style, Zinc oeil-de-boeuf and zinc finial

                     Antique French Zinc Architectural Roof Finials from John J. Nelson Antiques Here

Zinc is the 23rd most abundant element in the earth’s crust. We need zinc in our diets to help boost our immune systems, it also helps to cut a cold short. Best of all zinc’s patina will constantly renew itself as it weathers and ages and will “heal over” scratches and imperfection. So when zinc can be poured and molded to make such wonderful furniture, decorative items and put a roof over our heads, I ask you, what’s not to love about zinc?

The New Eighteenth Century Style, zinc horse head above the door


Anonymous said...

Beautiful post. I do love the look of zinc. Your planter looks very nice. Really nice table in picture #4.

Mona Thompson said...

I recently purchased a zinc top table for my covered patio. I just love it. I'll share pictures soon. Actually it is being photographed for At Home in Arkansas on Tuesday. I am in love with the zinc horse head. The entire kitchen is divine. Would love to find something like that for our clients that are building a country home. Thanks for the inspiration. Have a lovely weekend. Mona

Greet Lefèvre said...

Great post!! I love all these zinc items!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Trouvais said...

Love the Sarlo bookcase...would look great over my front door! I have that ball pedestal zinc table. I actually pull it inside over winter...even though I know how hardy zinc is. I have a friend that has a gorgeous antique zinc bath tub. SO wish I could convince her to sell it to me! Great post. Merci! Trish

unique unique design said...

Zinc has such a wonderful look! You have posted great photos.

Haven and Home said...

I really can't get enough of zinc. Love Love Love.

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