Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Rough Luxe.......

Courtesy of Velvet & Linen here

Courtesy of Obsolete here

Courtesy of Greige via Dele Cuona

 Courtesy of Dandelion and Grey here

Courtesy of Obsolete here

Courtesy of Cote de Texas here 

Courtesy of Velvet & Linen here

Courtesy of M. Naeve here 

I love the simple upholstered look on these furniture pieces and would love to incorporate one into my studio. This last picture from Margaret Naeve in Houston is my favorite because of the green back, how about you?


Cat said...

Awesome...it is like shabby chic..extra shabby but in a very cool, antiqued genuine way! Adore! xo Cat

Anonymous said...

love them all! it's a really beautiful and natural look. I agree the last photo looks amazing!


Trouvais said...

It's a fabulous look. Just made for me! I still regret reupholstering a settee a few years ago. It was so charming with the horse hair and springs...and yet, not quite comfortable. XO Trish

Stacey said...

There is something innately sexy about "rough luxe":-). Love these! xx

Greet Lefèvre said...

Just wonderful!! All of it! Furniture with a soul!!

Linda in AZ * said...

* Well, I personally feel very "out of it" right now, as IMHO, this is carrying "it" just a bitttt too farrrr!!! (Makes me think of a certain EMPEROR!)~~~

Linda in AZ *

Mona Thompson said...

I am completely in to that look. Wish more of my clients were. sigh!!

Sue Murphy@ life as a house said...

So beautiful. They really are works of art.

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