Saturday, February 26, 2011

Years in the Making!

I used to sit up in our dusty dirty barn and dream of making it come alive. I would marvel at the handmade spikes holding all the rafters in place on the ridgepole that runs down the center forming the roofline. If you look at the picture, the very top beam on the left edge, you can still see some of the original bark on the tree that was used for the rafter.

What our barn needed to brighten it up was light and I had an idea. You see that vent at the very peak of the roof, that sits above a main beam. I knew we wouldn’t need that vent for ventilation once the barn was renovated so I climbed up on a ladder and did a little measuring…. I measured from the inside, to high on the outside for my taste.

A look from the inside where that vent used to be, that upper hole. That's the end that looks down our driveway and people can see it from the road. It's also the end where mister man built the first granite stone wall underneath the support beam from my last post. I knew after measuring a half round window would be perfect up there so armed with measurements mister man and I started our search for a window. 

And Voile, after a couple of years we found exactly what we were looking for and the perfect size. This half round window came out of a now defunct bank but there was only one problem, the window had single panes and would never pass code. So off it went to a window restorer and he simply cut the mullions in half, placed insulated glass in and made mullions to match for the other side. A boatload of money later and some else’s hard work and we have our window that will pass code! An antique/vintage window for our antique carriage barn.

What do you think of our window? Trust me the money we spent on the window and having it restored cost us less then buying a new window and this works perfectly. Wait until you see it installed!


A Perfect Gray said...

you had me at 'handmade spikes'. what craftsmanship. a beautiful barn you have there, and it totally deserves such a beautiful window, no matter what the wait.

looking forward to seeing it in!


The enchanted home said...
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The enchanted home said...

My mind is dancing with all the images and pictures of how gorgeous this is going to be as a finished product! I can see it now..its going to be AMAZING and you will be the envy of every person in blogworld!
Fabulous and love the window and that some elbow grease is going into making it work..all the sweeter, every time you look up at the window you will think of what you did to get it there and the story behind it. Love things like remains sentimental forever. Thanks of taking us along on your much fun to see it all unfold.

Divine Theatre said...

Well, at least you paid a boatload of money BEFORE you installed the window. I think I would weep openly if I found out it wasn't up to code after the fact!
Thank you for taking us on this journey with you, my friend!

Mona Thompson said...

Love your window. It's absolutely perfect and worth the expense and effort. Just another little piece of history added to a really special place. Have a great weekend. Mona

Room Seventeen said...

Beautiful window!!

lvroftiques said...

I think it's a perfect window for the space! And you have a story to go right along with it. Money well spent me thinks *winks* Vanna

Trouvais said...

I'm so excited for you! Whoppee! The demi-lune window looks...well...expensive (i.e. Worth it!)!!Trish

Linda Leyble said...

I just found your blog - can't wait to see the entire transformation. Lots of work - but well worth it. Love the window (and doesn;t it always happen that it wouldn't be to code!). Darn - but perfect for your restored barn. Wish I was doing this tranformation! Good Luck!


Loretta Fontaine (EcoHappy Blog) said...

Wow! What amazing craftsmanship! those spikes are incredible.

Your restored window looks wonderful! We just went to our local historic home warehouse and bought an old window to add to an interior basement wall. No codes to pass, there!

I can't wait to see your window in place!


abby jenkins said...

Can't wait to see that window in place. What a beautiful structure, it is so fortunate to have you as it's stewards.

Maggie said...

Don't you just love beams like these, they are one of the reasons why I love my attic workspace so much. (see my recent Favourite things post for more details.
Your window is fabulous, I am so looking forward to seeing the installation pix.

Karena said...

This is so wonderful!! The window is perfect I just really admire all that you do!!

I have a wonderful offering on my site!

Art by Karena

Boxwood Terrace said...

Beautiful window, Debra! It must have taken a lot of hunting to find it. I'm looking forward to seeing it in place.

designchic said...

Loving the window, and the journey as well!!

quintessence said...

Love the window - how clever of you to have it refitted. Can't wait to see it in place!!

Jen said...

That window is going to look STUNNING!

Happy Wednesday Darling! xo

Oh, and pop by for my GIVEAWAY!

Carol Schiff Daily Painting said...

I love this whole project, the window is beautiful. Much better than new ones!

Thanks for commenting on my art on Art by Karena. Good luck in the painting give-away.

French-Kissed said...

I adore half round windows and your's has so much character. A wonderful choice for this space. You must be so very excited about this transformation. All the best!


La Brocanteuse said...

Wow what a lovely project to look forward to! please share with us when done? have a lovely weekend
Colx ~ Afrique du Sud

Barbara Bussey {The Treasured Home} said...

I sure enjoy letting my finger do the walking, around your blog! Your pooch looks like a lover, too! Happy 4th!

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