Sunday, October 2, 2011

Does size really matter?

I love decorating magazines because they give me ideas for my home on how to bring it together. As an antique textile dealer I also read decorating magazines because they keep me in touch with the latest styles and colors, what’s hot in terms of pillows and textiles for my business.

Pillows are consider soft goods, the last thing to go into a room to finish it off bringing in color and size can make all the difference in the world.

Traditional Home Magazine

You don’t want to go too small because then a pillow looks lost......the pillow on the sofa would have looked better slightly longer and lower.

Traditional Home Magazine

Too small and short, these sofa pillows would have looked better as one pillow and slightly taller in a different fabric.

Too big and a pillow overwhelms a piece of furniture not allowing room to sit.

Just right!

Room by Kathryn Ireland

Love the layered look when done right so it isn't taking over the sofa.

Country Living Magazine

Country Living Magazine


Love this look!

My pillows

I’ve been questioning the size of pillows lately because I’ve been designing some over a yard long and wonder if people really want bigger pillows.  So what’s your take bigger is better or do you prefer a lot of different pillows on your sofa?


quintessence said...

Great assessment and examples. Not too mention your beautiful pillows!! I think it's interesting to mix it up - different sizes for different furniture!!

Room Seventeen said...

I think it depends on the sofa and the furniture...
Your pillows are beautiful, and I love your new header!!

( The villa on my blogpost is not my home, but a stunning house somewhere in New England,I can only dream about it ;-))

Cindy Albert said...

I love your new banner!!

Aren't pillows an amazing way to add color, texture and interest to a space.

Very interesting study!!

The enchanted home said...

Great point you raise and I agreed on every single comment you made in your observations about the pictures above. And though I do like an oversized pillow as long as its not too wide, I do think it doesn't make for a very comfty or inviting seating arrangement. It just doens't look very enticing to take a seat. Your pillows are so beautiful, they are like little jewels so no matter what size they are special works of art to behold! That said I like to make it interesting and not predictable by having every pillow be the same size either, good thought provoking post. Hope you enjoying this spectacular day!! Just walked in with having Teddy outside all day, he fell right into a long nap...we wiped him out!

Mélanie A. said...

I love all these pillows for diferent reasons, no matter what sizes they are . Bisous

Heather Robinson said...

Yay for the new header! Gorgeous! As are your amazing pillows.

I too like to mix it up in terms of size. Too matchy matchy is so American! Heehee. Don't kill me! :)

Blue Muse said...

I love to mix it up. The long, low pillows are really appealing to me right now - I would love seeing the ones that you are doing, and yours pictured are stunning.
xo isa
Ps your new banner is lovely.

debra @ 5th and state said...

your pillows are divine deborah, do you make them personally? beautiful fabrics.

so agree with each assessment and yes pillows are the final touches that pull a room together


savvycityfarmer said...

no one really understands the price point of a fabulous pillow do they?

I do ... hehee

savvycityfarmer said...

p.s. I enjoy really big pillows on my sofas ... I never mind moving them ALL to sit down.

Karena said...

It is really great that you ( as an expert) pointed out the differences.

I like multiple pillows, though I am now loving this look a lot!! The lavender room with the bird sofa, that pillow is luscious!


Art by Karena

Barbara@HausDesign said...

I agree with your comments - I think men especially feel awkward sitting down on a couch where the pillow gets in the way! I love a large bolster on a bed, but on a couch I like to mix them up with size, shape, color texture...and change them around all the time of course. Yours are beautiful! They look very venetian to me...stunning.

Teacats said...

Wonderful posting -- and examples!

I like a pair of matching pillows on a shorter sofa or loveseat -- and ONE long wonderful pillow on a longer sofa or a more modern, clean-lined one. I do like a smaller, harder pillow on some chairs so that my back is supported.

Piles of pillows prevent people from perching .... LOL! :)

Atelier de Campagne said...

I love your new look! Everything looks gorgeous! Great posting, fresh look...loving it!


michele said...

dreamy von dreamy images, today!

i like em any way i can get em. little shrimpy guys. great big body pillows.

and i like how one pillow can inspire an entire room's scheme. i'm sure this happens with your clients when they fall in love with a particular textile and take their cues from there.

have a lovely week.


Loretta Fontaine (EcoHappy Blog) said...

Debra- I love your bigger pillows. Meant to be noticed!

I love sofa pillows BUT I spend half the day picking our sofa pillows off the ground. The kids even run off with the cushions. Design a pillow that will gently shock the buggers when the pillow leaves the couch.


Sami Pat said...

My living room sofa is a loose cushion three-seater. My downsize home is small. Resting in the center of my sofa is a feather stuffed bed pillow zipper-cased covered in a fabric that reminds me of the stair tiles in the Ireland room above. It works when I want to rest there and read and it does duty as a bed pillow with a pillow case for extra company. Perhaps there are others who would like a double duty pillow.

LaPouyette said...

Pillows - cushions...what kind?
I would say it depends on the rooms, the interior, what kind of ambience one like to create, the members of the family, children and pets and of course the individual taste.

I prefer in general rectangular ones and not too small, but suitable in size and proportion to our seating furniture.
And of course I love your precious pillows! Maybe one day.....!!!
Very inspiring post, Debra.

Warmest greetings,

Taylor Greenwalt said...

It really depends on the sofa. I usually like mixing pillows on a sofa. I seem to use 20 to 22 inch on most standard sofas. The larger the sofa than pillows might go bigger.. I like bolsters on beds. Hopefully that helps.

Anne Boykin said...

I liked your comment on Cote de Texas so thought I'd stop by for a visit. Now I have to have a larger pillow for my sofa. I think it will add a soft touch to my leather sofa. Thank you for the great topic and the inspiration.


you are right-pillow size is an art form--I'm afraid I've made some of the mistakes you have mentioned! have a great day and visit me soon--im hosting a giveaway!

French-Kissed said...

definitely do like larger pillows...while I love the way smaller pillows looked styled for a photo, in spaces where there is lots of living, it is a constant battle to keep them all corralled and looking right. I have one very large decorative pillow on my bed (used to have 3 smaller) and not only do I think the look is a bit more elegant but making the bed is so much easier than fussing with the perfect placement of the three. And these larger pillows are a bit hard to find so I think you are wise to make these.


for the love of a house said...

fun post Debra, and perfect timing as I'm working on the barn room sofas and pillow!
are you ready for the first frost?!


A Perfect Gray said...

I am constantly struggling with this one. my livingroom chairs are all covered in white canvas and I like a little bit of color in pillows. but everything I find is way too big. I have resigned myself to the fact that I'll have to have some made in smaller sizes for the look and shot of color that I want...great post...donna

Jennelise said...

I love the first picture and the room with that absolutely beautiful painting of the woman holding her hair. Very lovely. :)

'LUSH' said...

Pillows should enhance the sitting experience, as well as make a statement. Too many and too big make it hard to get comfortable. Too little or none at all makes one feel unwelcome to relax.

lvroftiques said...

Love the new blog header Debra!
I think pillows can be difficult to get right. I prefer large down filled pillows on sofas. They're nice and easy to move (if needed) or squish into *winks* Yours are gorgeous! (Of course) And if I have any questions regarding pillow placement I'm coming to you *winks*
Also yes PLEASE PLEASE do a post on your cherubs/putti! There are lots of us cherub lovers out in blogaritaville who'd LOVE a peek! Vanna

Ispirato Design said...

I agree with everyone of your assessments. It's hard to believe that a couple of those images made it into a magazine. I'm going to be making a large one for my piano room settee. I like them in the right place.

Blooming Rose Musings said...

Your pillows are absolutely exquisite! Beautiful! I also think your new header looks fabulous.

I think the pillow size depends on the size of the furniture and the room. I happen to like large pillows. I think one large pillow can make a stunning statement. Lately I have been finding that I'm quite attracted to the long rectangular pillows. I think they give a rather sleek look no matter what the fabric. But trends change and pillows are often a wonderful way to make that change without overwhelming.
Great post, Debra. I have to admit I just keep going back to look at your exquisite pillows. Stunning!


I totally agree with you....size is equally as important as material and style. I know that today anything goes and that the "undecorated" look is big....but I guess I can be old school about scale :)

Boho Farm and Home said...

I love those big long bolster pillows. I use them on beds, big wingback chairs, sofas, loveseats.
I especially love your bolster pillows and the combined colors and textures! Delish!

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