Sunday, October 23, 2011

Passing my award on!

I was honored to learn that Tina over at The Enchanted Home awarded me The Versatile Blogger award, thank you Tina! I hope you'll find time to pop over to her blog and check out the amazing home Tina and her husband are building.

One of the conditions for accepting this award is you have to share seven things about yourself that others might not already know about you, so here are my seven things:

1) I’m a bit of a klutz, yep, I have a hard time making it across a room most days and I think it’s because I’m always distracted by something else. I’m one of those multitasking people but shouldn’t be because it hurts……lol.
2) I get up really early in the morning this morning it was 4:23 AM and that was actually late for me. I don’t use an alarm I simply wake up ready to take a bite out of the world. I’m in trouble once we “fall” back this November because then I’ll be up in the middle of the night.

My image of Dylan dog

3) Mister man has always called me a Golden Retriever of the human world and that was before we had Dylan dog. He isn’t trying to call me a dog, at least he better not, it’s because of my disposition I’m very easy going and laid back. If I get mad he knows to bail for about five minutes because I’m usually over my snit that quick.

4) Before starting a project I like to do my homework meaning I research the heck out of whatever I’ll be doing.
5) If you ever want to know the best and fastest way of doing something ask me because I like to say I’m lazy and therefore know how to get something done the fastest and most efficient way. Although I say I’m lazy I never stop moving!
6) I cook, love to cook but hate making the same thing twice, I don’t think we’ve had the same dish more then twice this year, I’m always trying new recipes. Speaking of cooking I’m also a true believer to never have kitchen gadgets that can be used for one job only. What’s the point if it does only one thing and then takes up room in your kitchen, chances are you’ll use that gadget once or twice and never use it again, so don’t do that and you’ll find you have a lot more space in your kitchen.
7) I am a Sudoku addict every morning with my double cappuccino I can be found trying to figure out the hardest puzzle I can find. Even though they drive me insane sometimes I still can’t put them down. There’s just something about the way the numbers always come together that has me hooked!
Now, one of the other rules of accepting this award is to pass it on to fifteen other bloggers although I think everyone is deserving. But since I can only pick fifteen here are my choices:
Cindy at Illumination
Mona at providence ltd design
Trish at trouvais
Isa at The World according to Isa
Barbara at Haus Design
Caroline at Boho Farm + Home
Deb at 5th and State
Karin at la pouyette
Donna at a perfect grey
Susan at blooming rose musings
Andie at divine theatre
Sharon at Roses & Rust
Rebecca at acanthus & acorn
Colette at la brocanteuse
Kristi at Simple Everyday Glamour

I hope you find time to drop by each of these wonderful blogs and tell them congratulations too!


Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. said...

Debra, Your the best. Thanks for passing the award on to me too. I knew that you are laid back yet extremely efficient...also a great cook, but I never dreamed you hardly cook the same thing twice. That is sooo impressive. I would love to sit in your kitchen, sip wine and chat, chat, chat while you cook. Have a great week. Mona

Trouvais said...

You are too kind, Debra! Merci! I see we have much in common...sans the Sudoku. I can put enormous (psychotic?) amounts of energy into some projects but never got the puzzle bug! And my husband would LOVE it if I had that golden retriever-like calm! Completely understand the "lazy" have too much to accomplish to be bothered with tedium! Not lazy at all! XO Trish

The enchanted home said...

You are most welcome Debra! It was well deserved, I like you even more now that you have revealed seven things....I am like you with the Sudoku but with Scrabble, I also wake up ridiculously early, normally by 5:15ish, today it was 6..woo hoo! So if you ever want to chat first thing in the morning, you know who to call (me)!
I love cooking also as I talk about often and my husband does consider me to be a bit of a klutz, your picture cracked me up..hopefully its not THAT bad:)
Wonderful and deserving bloggers you passed the award onto....for those I don't know I look forward to checking them out!

LaPouyette said...

Merci beaucoup, Debra! Very kind of you!

I can be rather lazy too, but when I start a project or some work I keep going for hours until finished, sometimes up to midnight.....or so...

And I guess that Mr. B would love me to be like Oskar from time to time, never arguing, always purring and admiring him with big eyes :)

And oh the sudoku! I'm a complete addict to it! Can do it for hours, it just calms me down and it is also good for my brain, particularly when I cannot concentrate proper, it gets me back in 'order', just love to play with figures. And I like the ones which I messed-up and have to do again with a different colored pencil....

We might have a 'few' things in common...

To full fill my duty vis a vis passing on this award will take me a few days, just have some work 'on board' at the moment.

Warmest greetings, have a lovely Sunday evening, and thank you again to include me,

A Perfect Gray said...

debra, I'm honored. we've been out of town, or I would have been by earlier. you know I am a daily reader of yours! loved these little tid-bits about you and seeing dylan's tummy; he reminds me of my sheltie who loves to stretch out like that.

many thanks; you're a great gal! donna

LaPouyette said...

Forgotten to say: What a great post!
Really love your sense of humour Debra! Which goes through every image!

Blooming Rose Musings said...

Hi Debra, I am honored. Thank you and it's very kind of you. I see we all have several things in common...does that mean a 5am meet and greet phone call!?! I am up at 4:30 every morning but I am lazy and stay in bed reading and watching the news until 5:30-6:00am. And, I also love to cook. It really is so much fun to learn about each other.
I am wrapped up in a project right now but I will pass this along in a few days.
Thank you again for including me. XO

La Brocanteuse said...

Thank you very much - i feel honored to be included in your list, great post you shared with us, had a good chuckle as well.have a lovely week, and I have to work out your awake hours, we might be in sinq! Colx Afrique du Sud

Blue Muse said...

I feel so honored to be including in your list, Debra. Thank you so much. I love what you shared with us, it's not always that we get to know these things and it makes our little bloggy world that much nicer. Thanks for sharing and thank you so much for passing the award on to my little corner of the world.
Hope you are enjoying a beautiful Autumn Sunday!
xo isa

Simple Everyday Glamour said...


Thanks so much for this honor...I loved reading your post and feel like I know you so much better! Thanks again...hope you are enjoying your rosary necklace!!

debra @ 5th and state said...

i too am honored deborah, thank you!

loved knowing you even more and i like you, a lot! a klutz, ditto. rarely cook the same meal twice, no way!
lucky mister man.........

ps; can i come over with mona? sounds like great fun

savvycityfarmer said...

I did not know these things girlfriend! Now I do

I actually fell down all 6 of my basement steps a few weeks ago ... that first picture almost took my breath away.

Fashion-isha said...

Love this was my first! I love hearing the little unknown things about fellow bloggers!

Cindy Albert said...

Debra, thank you very much for passing this award on to me. I just got back into town. We flew to Chicago for a few days to see football between USC and Notre Dame. We had so much fun dining and shopping in Chicago. Could have stayed longer.

I will enjoy passing the versatile blogger award on and will have to think about which seven things I should reveal about myself.

Thanks again. It was very thoughtful of you and I really appreciate it.

All the best, Cindy

Barbara@HausDesign said...

I took yesterday off from blogging and came back to this - what an honor! Thank you so much from one klutz to another. :) I'll get going on my facts list today!

Sharon Lee Johnson said...

Thank-you so much, Debra, for this award. I actually have an award free blog, but am so honoured and flattered all the same, and you placed me in such wonderful company - I love all the other blogs you passed this one to! I so enjoyed reading about you - you clearly have a wonderful sense of humour and oodles of energy and I am so impressed that you cook different food every night - you have inspired me to get more creative with my cooking so my family will be thanking you too! Have a wonderful week. x Sharon

Heather Robinson said...

Debra, I loved learning all of these things about you and have to say that I am blown away that you don't cook the same thing twice--I am so lazy that I tend to make the same things over and over!

Looking forward to discovering some new blogs...
Bisous and have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your award! Thanks for visiting Inspired Design... I am now following you! I totally appreciate your sense of humor from one klutz to another! xo

Victoria said...

Hi, Debra.
Congratulations on your award. One of the best things about Tina's award is we get to find out things about you that we may never have known. A fun read indeed.

Taylor Greenwalt said...

Hi Debra, Lets get together and cook! One of my favorite thing to do. Right now, I am in to Argentinean food. YUM

A room with a view said...

Hi, I am visiting via The Enchanted Home - congratulations on the award..I can be a klutz, I do love to cook and sudoku is a weakness and I do my homework (thoroughly, I think), too! A new follower!

Boho Farm and Home said...

Oh Debra! After my crazy weekend I am just getting to sit down in front of my computer--that's right I have a desktop-old school I know...Thank you so much for the blogger award. You are are the sweetest. I love all the facts about you...I am a researching, cooking, klutz too. xoxo Caroline

michele said...

can't wait to discover these blogs! and i loved learning about you and we have so much in common!

congrats on the award.


Acanthus and Acorn said...

Thank you and forgive my delayed response.

The best thing about these awards is learning about my fav bloggers and this was such a fun list! I love #6 and that's my mantra for so many things. I need you to show me the tricks to those puzzles, mine usually involve swearing and surrender...including crosswords!

Thank you so much for the thoughtful award!!!

quintessence said...

Love learning a little more about you Debra - although I can't picture you as a klutz. Know several of the deserving recipients - will have to check out the others!!

Divine Theatre said...

Thank you, dear soul! I have been so very busy, as Gracie would say, "making"!
I am truly honored to be in the same company as the other very talented people you have awarded. You are very generous.
Funny you should mention not cooking the same thing twice. I never do either...though unintentionally! I may be the world's worst cook. I have also been known to screw up a simple milk to cereal ration as well. Good thing my husband will eat just about anything! LOL!
Kisses to Dylan and kitty...


Maison de lin said...


What a great post! Congratulations whit your award, I will quickly take a look at the winners :-)


Unknown said...

Congrats to you...and so fun to read all these facts about you, getting to know other bloggers is the best.

sharon santoni at my french country home said...

A well deserved award Debra, you bring us such versatile posts. Loved finding out more about you, not at all surprised that you research your work so thoroughly, that's what makes your pillows so special!

Unknown said...

How fun!! Congrats on your award and love learning all about you!!

I need to figure out what to make for dinner tonight - wish I could look over your shoulder tonight!!

xo Elizabeth

Boxwood Terrace said...

Hi Deb - It was great (and fun) to learn more about you. And you deserve an extra award for getting up so early in the morning. I admire that and wish I could do the same!

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